Everyone has seen and heard about the Rio 2016 Olympics for ages but why are the eGames not being televised?

This is potentially one of the biggest stories in esports history and the first I heard of this was on a small post on the BBC news website in May 2016, however there has been an eSports olympics!


The eGames have taken place over the past two days and have featured a variety of video games with 8 teams competing from all different countries for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Not included in the top image Germany and Argentina also took part.

Allegedly there are also plans for this to continue alongside the Winter Olympics and the standard Olympics in the future and plans are already in place for both events. I hope that this is the breaking point for eSports becoming an accpeted thing and even televising the event is a massive step! We can only await and see what the future holds.

For more info surrounding the games check out the website www.egames.org where they have all the latest news and updates regarding the event.