Numskull Designs, the UK-based TV, Comic, Movie, and Video Games merch store, has announced a new range of products to celebrate the release of ‘Crash Bandicoot – NSane Trilogy’ on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

Included amongst the collection is a set of Snapbacks, Mugs and Coasters shaped like Nitro and TNT containers, Bottle openers, and -most interestingly- a Wumpa fruit-scented candle.

The new collection is available now on their website, Let’s take a closer look!

This cap comes in two styles- normal, or with a fluffy rim? Whatever floats your boat, we guess!

Who doesn’t want to open their bottles with a screaming metal marsupial? Well, not us, that’s for sure. We’re tempted to grab a couple of these to help us celebrate the end of E3-related stress.

They’re also coming out with a set of coasters and a pair of Steel mugs, perfect for all of you butter-fingered coffee addicts.

See this crate? It’s a stress ball. Perfect.

And finally, there’s a special Wumpa fruit candle. What does it smell like, you ask?

Well, ours is still in the post, so somewhere between ‘Apples’ and ‘Not a damn clue mate.’

Once again, the new collection is available now on their website,