Well, we just got a glance at a whole lot indie games and we know that a whole lotta people just don’t have time to check out the live streams so here’s a big old recap to help! So let’s check out some exciting new games shall we?

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Mark of the Ninja Remastered on Switch
Launches this Fall

Klei Entertainments classic stealth platformer launches this fall for the Switch and it looks slick as hell

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Fantasy Strike on Switch
Summer 2018

A new interesting fighter is coming to the Switch and it looks like all characters have some kind of bullet based on what they’re all about. Gambling, Wind, Painting all that jazz. It’ll have local and online multiplayer so you can fight you’re friends from anywhere!

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Just Shapes and Beats on Switch
Summer 2018

We have something really interesting here! A auditory bullet hell game with some rad beats from over 20 famous chiptune artists. It supports local and online co-op as well as a full story mode! It’s gonna be first on the Switch and we don’t wanna miss out on it.

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Spring 2018

tinyBuild Games is working on a neat little top down shooter that is sorta based off of old VHS B-Movies and maybe a little grindhouse here and there. Hotline Miami anyone? Well either way, it looks like a fun time

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Pool Panic


AdultSwim Games is working on a quirky little game about Billiard balls? I guess? Well it looks adorable. Theres over a 100 levels and even 4 player co-op AND it’s a system exclusive. AdultSwim Games is pretty consistent when it comes to weird yet good games so this is one we definitely wanna get our hands on

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Bomb Chicken

Summer 2018

This adorable little platformer by Nitrome combines action, platforming and puzzles to bring us Bomb Chicken a beautiful and chaotic game with all it’s pixel-y glory.

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Lumines Remastered
Spring 2018

Lumines Remastered is coming to the Switch. You know, that other game by amazing director Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Rez. This game will combine sound, sight and feel all in one amazing puzzle experience!

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Reigns Kings & Queens

Spring 2018

This game looks… odd. But it also looks super neat. Not much was shown for the gameplay as it just looked like a bunch of cards weird being tossed to the side. But I guess the game has a lot of emphasis on decision making.

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Light Fall

Spring 2018

This minimalist looking platformer is fast and intense. You use this little box thing called the Shadow Core which you essentially use as a platform or a wall to jump off of. Other than that this game has an emphasis on speedrunning and there is even a speedrun mode!

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West of Loathing

Spring 2018

This game looks straight up like a webcomic from 2002 and we gotta say, we’re intrigued. It has a emphasis on comedy… and hats. There’s even optional turn based combat. It’s gonna be a system exclusive too so I guess we just gotta get it for novelties sake eh?

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Spring 2018

A cute little co-op puzzle adventure game. This game sure does look pretty as it’s inspired by Norwegian art and culture. You can enjoy it alone!

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The Messenger

Summer 2018

Now this game looks sick, you’re a time travelling Ninja Gaiden style ninja man and the time travel mechanics take you from 8-bit to 16-bit. The art looks stunning, the gameplay looks breakneck and it all looks fantastic. Also, speedrun focused!

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Bad North

Summer 2018

This nice little RTS/ Rogue-Like game looks super neat and stylized. It has permadeath so get ready to feel all sad when you lose your commanders! Find out more when it comes out this Summer!

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Banner Saga 1, 2 and 3

Coming Soon!

All three Banner Saga games are coming to the Nintendo Switch! And your progress from 1 and 2 will carry over to three so if you’ve missed out on this great series now’s the time to check it out!