Blizzard has released a trailer for ‘World of Warcraft- Battle for Azeroth’, detailing the events leading up to the reveal trailer which debuted at Blizzcon last year.

The trailer follows Varok Saurfang, a veteran of several wars and current leader of the Orcs, as he attempts to reconcile the fact that he is yet to receive a warrior’s death, yet faces certain defeat in a battle he does not believe in.

Centring an entire cinematic around a character who changes his mind and chooses not to die hint that Saurfang will have a big impact on the future of ‘World of Warcraft’. With in-universe characters and players alike expressing distaste for Sylvanas Windrunner, who recently burned the ancient home of the night elves in cold blood, it is clear that Saurfang may be in the running to dethrone Sylvanas and become Warchief, returning the horde to honourable leadership once again.