I’m fresh out of the cinema and I thought I’d just write a quick non spoiler review on Deadpool 2.

No story spoilers here but there are a few comments on characters. So beware!

Firstly I’m a humongous deadpool fan and I loved the first film, I enjoyed this more than the first one.

The movie isn’t what you expect it’s going to be and it really works for all of the characters in it. The only obvious character ark is cable’s which you can guess if you’ve ever picked up a comic. Brolin plays a perfect cable and is as sullen, moody and awesome as you expect.

The movie manages to add way more 4th wall pokes, humour, action and gore and yet adds a tonne more humanity to wade’s character. The meta jokes have more weight as it seemed they were allowed to do more with the jokes and the bigger budget was definitely there.

It also deals with deadpool being in the x men /x force universe in a really great way and makes him more of a part of it with it still felling like his own standalone movie. This is a hard thing to achieve.

There are definitely some negative parts where the pacing didn’t quite work and there are some ‘serious’ scenes where its hard to tell if it a a serious part of story or a big old deadpool joke, this is what deadpool does but I literally couldn’t tell at times what was important. But these are minor issues that don’t take away from the several great plot points running throughout.

There are a couple of incredible cameos and big events that happen that you can’t predict and will make any comic fan gawp. There were things I didn’t know I wanted to see that happened and made my inner nerd extremely happy and satisfied, there are also some ballsy moments that pay off for incredible laughs. The film hands down has the best after credits scenes of any film, ever.

Deadpool is still hilarious and violent but adds heart and humanity to Wade Wilson.

I will be following this up with a spoiler review so keep your eyes peeled!

If 8 had to score it right now I’d say its an 8/10