Earlier, when I wrote my first impressions, they had to be kept short to prevent spoiling certain plot points within the movie.

So here goes my SPOILER-filled review. Please do NOT read on if you don’t want big plot points spoiled for you!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Let’s start at the beginning. The movie opens with an action medley of Deadpool kicking all sorts of ass in different countries and cracking as many jokes as possible, and I think “Yes, another fun ass Deadpool adventure, I’m ready.”

Then we find out why he’s doing it, VANESSA is dead. It’s something I had almost hoped for as I think it’s best for the character but it wasn’t something I thought they’d actually do, and certainly not before they’d run the titles. It makes Deadpool seem wreckless and slightly crazier than usual.

As a consequence of this, Wade goes into an ultimate stinky depression that eventually leads him towards the X-Men, well the ones they can afford anyway – Colossus and Negasonic (and her girlfriend Yukio). Collusus is determined to sort Wade’s head out. During the mansion scene, he makes another joke about not being able to afford more X-Men and we get a very quick scene where Beast and the rest of the ‘Apocalypse’ X-Men quietly close themselves into a room, a really great and funny tie-in. I liked these parts a lot as it confirmed even more so that Deadpool IS a part of the current X-Men universe and it takes place during the same time as the rest of the events. This ‘team up’ leads them to Fire Fist (the kid from the movies), Cable and a few other characters…

A quick summary of the story from here: Deadpool’s first mission is to stop Fire Fist from destroying his orphanage, then Deadpool and Fire Fist go to a mutey prison, Cable breaks in to kill Fire Fist (Russell) , Deadpool has a weird death state vision with Vanessa who tells him (eventually) that he needs to save the kid, Deadpool puts together the X-Force to save Russel, and the X-Force all mostly die! During this time, Russell makes friends with Juggernaut (who’s done PROPERLY) , Cable then asks Deadpool for help because Juggernaut is such a tough cookie, we find out Russell kills Cable’s family in the future, Deadpool makes Russell a good guy which saves Cable’s family, and the film ends with Deadpool walking off with his new X-Men pals and all is well (including Cable).

The whole story felt very ‘Deadpool’ to me. Cable’s introduction worked very well and everyone around Deadpool felt like they added so much to the movie. There was some incredible action, absolute hilarity and some very gross moments, everything Deadpool should be!

I just want to touch on some moments that I particularly enjoyed:

That’s right, the X-Force that you’ve seen in the trailers, they all die (except Domino) within about 5 minutes and it’s absolutely hilarious and brutally shocking! I saw it as a statement of ‘this is a Deadpool movie, not an X-Force movie’ and I was laughing so goddamn much. The deaths are absolutely brutal and violent and work so well, and also show that Deadpool is not a leader. Domino is the only one who survives their parachute jump and it makes the marketing that much better because who you believed to be the X-Force aren’t! LOL. These are replaced at the end of the movie by Negasonic, Yukio (who’s apparently Noriko from the comics) and Collusus who take on Juggernaut. So our new X-Force will be DP, Colossus, Negasonic, Yukio, Domino, Cable and Fire Fist – pretty awesome!

Cable’s little story throughout the whole thing is really great (but it becomes obvious he wants to kill Russel because of his family before the reveal). He’s pretty badass and I hope we get to see a lot more of him.

Domino is also pretty badass and shows how luck can be a viable superpower. She discovers that the orphanage where Russel happened to be, was also the place where she was mistreated as a kid, which leads to her killing lot of dudes.

The man himself – Deadpool, was larger than life and like he’d been lifted straight from the comics. He had bigger jokes, made a lot more meta jokes and was brutally violent.

The action scenes throughout the whole film were awesome, there’s one especially at the end with Cable and Deadpool which is just completely badass.

The part that really topped it all off was the after-credits scenes. Deadpool takes Cable’s time travelling slider to travel through time and fix his past mistakes. He travels back to X-Men Origins and kills the fucking awful no mouth version of himself, shoots himself in the head as he finishes the script for Green Lantern and then (perhaps most importantly?) saves Peter from dying on the sky dive. These scenes were packed with jokes and were just the next level of 4th wall break. It reminded me of comic arcs like ‘Deadpool kills X’ where he can just do whatever the fuck he wants! He also saves Vanessa’s life so pretty negating the film as a whole but it makes sense because why wouldn’t you… But this begs the question does that change the story for the whole film?? AAAH TIME TRAVELLING.

It’s a film I highly recommend to all comic book fans, especially those of Deadpool and those who loved the first film. I wasn’t disappointed at all and was highly entertained throughout. It feels a lot bigger in scope compared to the first one but still retains its faithfulness to the source and its charm.

In my opinion, Deadpool 2 is a better movie than the first one and I give it a 9/10.

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