Esper is here for PSVR, after originally having released on the Oculus and Samsung Gear VR – The game takes place in the 1970s where you play as a test subject who has displayed psychic/telekinetic abilities; you have to use these abilities to solve puzzles set out in an ever changing room in front of you. Helped along by a humorous voice you’re put through a series of tests in a toy factory to see how strong your extra sensory abilities are.

The controls are pretty basic, you move objects around with a choice of control methods – Dualshock, Move Controller, and even your head; the only other mechanic is a kind of force push, although I only remember using this once to solve a puzzle. The aim is to move an object into the box that matches it’s shape, like a very complex version of that classic block game for kids. The puzzles start easy with a Rubix Cube and ball that you can freely move anywhere, but progress to puzzles where you can’t lift a heavy object off the floor or move objects through certain panes of glass. These require a bit more thought to solve the puzzle and some of do take a bit of brain power to get through.

The game mechanics are fun to use but are definitely frustrating at times, just because of the position you’re in and the fact that you’re restricted by a desk in quite a limited play space; sometimes the objects just don’t move as you want, especially the heavy ones – Most of the time however they’re fun to use and mess around with, towards the end there are some levels that contain water and the mechanics work really well and were possibly some of the best puzzles for me.

The graphics and setting are also really good – Although you’re in one room, it constantly changes around you and it’s pretty neat to witness in VR; the rest of the graphics are pretty simple but also aren’t bad. I was happy with the settings and enjoyed the 1970s styling and voice over to make you feel more immersed.

Here’s the next thing, the game is under 2 hours long and even at £6.49 I can’t say it’s entirely worth the money; if it wasn’t for the VR aspect this could easily be a free to play mobile game. It’s actually hard to write any more about an under 2 hour VR puzzle game – It gets best towards the end where the last 2 puzzles contain water, and then your powers get a bit too strong and you wreck the room. The voice then teases ‘are you ready to toss a tank..?’ – This is the game I would have wanted. Esper would have been a really good intro to a game if you then got to go in to the world and use the abilities, even if was still within the puzzle format.

At the end of the day this is an average game glorified with VR. If you see it on sale for a couple quid I’d say definitely pick it up but you’re not missing out by not playing this game.

Mostly due to the shortness i give it – 6/10