EA discusses ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’. The game’s story mode is touted as the missing link between ‘Return of the Jedi’ and ‘The Force Awakens’  They then show a video of a group of players called the Gamechangers helping DICE to improve the game and make the trailer. All 3 eras are playable. A multiplayer trailer is then shown as the end product.John Boyega shows up in a video discussing the free (!) season pass. iJustine, GoldenBoy and other Gamechangers play a multiplayer match on Theed. The flying looks to have a first person mode as well as a third person mode. The ‘Siege’ mode is discussed, which seems to involve environmental destruction. They then discuss ‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’, with Admiral Thrawn being added as a character. He will be added on June 15th.