It’s coming! The sixth installation in the Dead or Alive line of fighting games will have a presence at this year’s E3, with an early 2019 release window.

The game runs on a brand new engine, with a focus on more detailed and realistic graphics, especially facial animations. Characters now realistically grimace and grunt when hit, clench when throwing punches and kicks, and become bloody and sweaty of over the course of the fight, all presented in native 4k.

Whilst gameplay is similar to previous entries in the series, new systems have been put in place to allow new players to quickly learn the game and access its deeper mechanics without too much practice- a new combo and special attack system: Fatal Rush and Break Gauge, which are powerful attacks that can be executed with very simple commands to assist new players experience the thrill of fighting games.

DoA’s typical high-speed martial arts combat and interactive stages will return.

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