Crash Drive 2 is an arcade driving game, with tricks. I’m not gonna pull any punches with this review, this game is weird. It presents itself, at first, as a standard arcade driving game. Beat the opponents, earn moolah, upgrade car. Simple, until the game tells you how to perform ‘tricks’. That’s when it gets weird. And I found myself playing a mash up of Burnout and Tony Hawks. Trying to flip my school bus and take down the opponents health bars by ramming them – You’ve gotta remember this is also a free to play mobile game.

Whilst you’re driving around the small selection of maps (five in total) events will pop up for you to do against other players, these include; tag the most items with tricks on/off them and win a race. These events aren’t really optional either, as completing them, increases your progression in the game. There are a total of 30 cars/vehicles to unlock, but the lack luster game play and repetitive nature of the game, didn’t compel me to try much more than the starter, which I maxed out the upgrades too, using funds earned in game. This car actually served me well through the rest of the game, so I didn’t invest much time into chasing down the other options.

The main issue I have with Crash Drive 2 is that it just didn’t have enough content to warrant more than a few minutes game play at a time. Any more than that and it became boring. This game is perfect for killing a few minutes on a train, or on the loo. Beyond that, it won’t hold your attention much after that. It’s also worth noting, there is a mobile game version, that is available free on Android and iOS, so paying for it, seems a little redundant. Add to that, the Switch version is cross play with mobile devices, so why bring a switch with you to play the game, when you could have it on your phone, ready to play whenever?

And for both its repetitive nature, and its mobile counterpart being free, I give Crash Drive 2;

4.0 / 10

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