Baladins, the whimsical tabletop RPG-inspired co-op fantasy developed by Seed by Seed and published by Armor Games Studios, embarks on a magical, time-sensitive journey on PC via Steam on May 15, 2024. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5|4 versions will join the party at a later date!

Choose from five distinct classes — Cook, Pyro, Dancer, Luxomancer, and Bard — to rise as the hero of this combat-free narrative adventure in the magical world of Gatherac. Adventure alone or form a party of up to four in local and online co-op to spread joy across the land. But beware, Colobra the time-eating dragon lurks in the shadows ready to thwart the heroes’ plans.

Weave a wondrous tale through choice-based dialogue and dice rolls, witnessing various scenarios unfold depending on crucial decisions. Each combination of choices throughout questlines leads to a different outcome, making no two encounters the same!

Traverse the four regions of Gatherac — Mouliac, Hortegarde, Mercazon, and Lumensac — all full of countless areas to explore. Trek through the greenery of Cork Forest, or gaze in awe at the stunning Castle of Hortegarde. Encounter wonderfully quirky NPCs along the way, each with their own beliefs and desires. Fulfill various quests, resolve townsfolk’s disputes, and help them celebrate one another despite their differences!

Use action and movement points each turn to travel to new places, accomplish tasks like brewing potions or taking a nap, gain experience, and upgrade characteristics. At the end of six weeks, bear judgment from Colobra, who determines if the heroes’ actions from the previous loop satisfy its hunger for mirth and adventure. Fail to do so, and Colobra sends the adventurers back in time to start their journey anew!

“With Baladins, we want to provide a whimsical twist on the classic CRPG while making it as accessible as possible to genre newcomers,” said Dan McNeely, CEO & Founder of Armor Games Studios. “We encourage players to embark on this approachable and inclusive choose-your–own-story melding time loop mechanics with colorful, fantastical charm.”

Baladins arrives on PC via Steam on May 15, 2024 for $24.99 USD in English, French, and Japanese. For more information, follow Seed by Seed and Armor Games Studios on Twitter/X, and visit the official game website. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5|4 versions will arrive at a later date.