The short answer to this question is no. The long answer is something I will delve into now as Will and I take a look deeper into the butthurt fanbase as well as a look at the game as a whole.

BUT FIRST Luke wanted to take a moment to answer the top 3 questions he could find from Google:


Does battlefront 2 have a campaign?

Yes it does, the campaign follows an unseen Star Wars story starring Iden Versio as she pulls a Finn and rebels, it also serves as a nice chance to play through all the different heroes and get a feel before you throw yourself into the multiplayer.

Are all the characters hidden behind loot boxes?

Okay so i get that this is a big one for a lot of people but heres the thing: It is utter bullshit. This particular question has been winding me up no end since I actually took the time to do a little diving into it and here are the facts: Vader, Luke, Leia and a few others are hidden behind credit payments (this isn’t real money) but in all honesty it isn’t that hard to unlock these characters with a little bit of… y’know… playing the fucking game? But for real, remember the old days where games didn’t just hand you everything on a plate straight away and you had a sense of real satisfaction when you unlocked something? Well… that!


Is battlefront 2 pay to win

To put this in black and white – no. I don’t understand the hatred coming from this – you guys won stop boycotting the fucking game. They took out all the pay to win aspects, Dice is a really good development studio and they listened to you and the game is far better for it – the pay to win aspect of this is far less than say – Shadow of War WHICH IS A SINGLE PLAYER GAME.

And now for the bonus round:

Is Battlefront 2 good?

Yes. If you are a fan of Star Wars then Battlefront 2 is seriously good fun, the different modes that the game features are all an absolute blast(er) I am an absolute sucker for the Heroes Vs Villains mode of the game where you are pitting the games various top tier characters against one another – there is nothing more satisfying than taking down 3 Sith as Finn.

But what do we think about it? Well a few of the guys have a little bit to say on the game as a whole (or part of it, In Luke’s Case)


So Battlefront 2 huh. At first I absolutely REFUSED to even put this onto my PS4 but after being nagged by Will and needing more of a Star Wars fix after The Last Jedi (FYI I loved it, fuck you haters) I finally succumbed and installed the game and reluctantly went into a few games with Will expecting an hour of a stream to go by and then uninstall the game and move on.

So there I was 4 hours later STILL playing it and having more fun than I ever imagined with the game, I have been so taken by the multitude of multiplayer modes that I haven’t even touched the campaign yet – in fact I have spent so long on Galactic Assault and Heroes VS Villains I haven’t even played all the multiplayer game modes yet.

It is my solid opinion that those of you boycotting this game are missing out on one of the greatest Star Wars experiences on modern media.


Do you like Star Wars? Yes? Then why haven’t you bought this game? Oh I see! Some kind of self righteous campaign to kill off a company that can’t be killed! Well done you’ve achieved so much! All you’ve managed to do is hurt sales for a developer who has done nothing but make an outstanding Star Wars game for the community!

Dice have pushed the boat (star destroyer?) out here and improved upon the franchise in every possible way with a thrilling and deep campaign, an exciting multiplayer and the opportunity to actually unlock something worth having!

I’ll agree the microtransactions were a dick move and I’m glad to see they’re gone but that’s just the thing THEY’RE GONE! If you’re still moaning you’ve missed the point that even before the game launched you’d won! You got exactly the game you wanted and still there are people whining away just for the sake of it! Ignore it. Go out. Buy this amazing entry in the Star Wars multimedia universe and have a great time! Oh and play as a specialist…they’re the best…


The main question when it comes to Star Wars Battlefront 2 is: Do you like Star Wars?

The game features everything which makes Star Wars great, lovingly recreated locations from the movies, heroes from across the universe are lovingly restored to their younger years and an interesting, albeit short campaign.

While I absolutely understand that the way which EA have included microtransactions can be off putting to some players, as a player you aren’t required to purchase any credits to actually unlock a hero. As far as I’m concerned, you can play the game and unlock these characters and ships which is still tessellates with games of yesteryears.

What I’m trying to say is, sit back, calm the fuck down and enjoy the game. So what someone has the ability to play as Han Solo before me, I’m going to fucking destroy you regardless.

Mic dropped.