Welcome to our newest partners, Pixel Juice!

As some of you lovely readers may know, we’ve mainly been partnered with a bar in Exeter (Where Respawning was created) known as The Arcade Exeter – We’re proud to announce today, however, that we have our first Digital Partnership; Pixel Juice! Formed from three friends who wanted to give opinionated views on things that…Well…Need opinionated views!

So far, Pixel Juice have released one video review on the PlayStation VR, covering a Press Event up in Bristol held by Sony – Regardless to say, we were more than impressed with the editing, humour and ambition that these fine folks hold! It’s great to have them on board, and we can’t wait to start creating content with them in the very near future!

You can check out their first (And at the moment only) video down below, on the PlayStation VR Event, and their Twitter HERE!