I AM Forsaken… Go back a few months and you’ll find an article I posted about how I wasn’t going to get Forsaken because Bungie had pushed me too far with their dull and over priced DLC so far… Well guess what? I caved… I got it and you know what? No regrets because:

A) I didn’t actually pay for it because you know… I write reviews and get free games, and…

B) Forsaken is actually worth it!

So where to start? How’s about we go for the one big thing we all know about, everyone’s favourite cape wearing robot Cayde-6 has been perma-killed. “Why!?” I hear you scream through tears… Well let’s face it, I feel that if that blue cunt Zavala or Ikora had died, would you really care? Nah, Bungie had to kill off the single most popular character they had because nothing else would have the same impact. Cayde’s death instantly sets you on course for a bit of vengeance with the OTHER blue cunt from Destiny. Forsaken might just be the darkest storyline Destiny has had yet with the entire run of missions being focused on rage and revenge, and a lot of the main cast having some pretty subdued and downright violent quotes to go along with the loss of one of their friends. Compound this new atmosphere with the moment your created character speaks for the first time since the last game in the series, and you can be sure to feel a lot more emotional investment this time around.

I was pleased to realise just how much more time I could spend in this content – The last few Destiny franchise DLCs have been pretty short which obviously was the main reason I wasn’t keen to spend my ducats on what might only be 3 missions… However Forsaken gives you a rich and long story with plenty to keep you entertained for several hours in the campaign alone.

The usual DLC thing is back with a job lot of new kit and clothes being added for you to collect and empower your wee little Guardian. There is something you might have heard about if you keep up with gaming news that a certain item seems to drop more often than anything else… Edge Transit. A fairly decent grenade launcher that has a drop rate better than man with oiled hands trying to hold a handful of snakes (Like that metaphor? I think it was one of my best) – I’ve got to say in maybe 20 hours of gameplay I’ve received 6 of these cyberpunk-looking grenade lobbers. I’m thinking I’ll pave my driveway with them soon.

So let’s finally talk about the biggest add on to this… Add on. Gambit Mode. Gambit is the newest PvP mode with the interesting twist of also being PvE. Sound confusing? Yeah, I wasn’t so sure at first but it’s really grown on me! “So what’s it all about?!” I hear you ask? Wow… First crying about Cayde and now this? Needy little creature aren’t you? I love it… Anyway!

During this fancy new mode you work with a team of 4 to fight mobs in a medium sized map which drop bright light motes. Collecting a certain amount of these motes allow you to bank them and lock the enemy out from banking their own motes, and while you’re at it you’ll drop a fairly strong mob on them to keep them busy for a little while! Is that not enough trolling for you? Well if you REALLY want to be a dick then you can hop through a portal and invade the other team’s map and start attacking them directly for 30 seconds – This is not only fun but also really helpful if they’re pulling ahead since killing an enemy makes them drop any motes they’re currently carrying before they have a chance to bank them! Like I said this is an excellent game mode with a lot of potential, but there’s a few things that need fixing first – For instance, the OP energy sniper the Sleeper Simulant needs to be nerfed harder than Mercy in Overwatch since EVERYONE who invades your side will be using it for its one shot to the torso kill potential.

Overall Forsaken is an excellent bit of content with plenty to keep you busy for hours on end – Sure there’s a lot of repetition but get the right fireteam with you and a good party chat going and you’ll not be looking back!

I’ll be giving Destiny 2 – Forsaken a:

7.0 / 10