GTA Online players should look to the sky and beyond this week for Double GTA$ and RP opportunities, vehicle discounts and sales.

Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions are all dishing out Double GTA$ & RP, and players looking to jump into the aerial Adversary Mode Dogfight will earn the same, all until October 29th. Plus, owners of a Terrorbyte can take advantage of additional Double GTA$ & RP opportunities by launching Client Jobs through its Nerve Center this week as well.

Players who wish to unlock the Double-Action Revolver & Stone Hatchet still have until October 29th to score double for finishing their challenges, with a potential total of GTA$1M for completing both (the additional bonuses will be received when logging the following week) and each weapon becoming available in Red Dead Redemption 2. Reminder that players who have already finished the challenges can receive a payout of $250K for each for logging in before October 29th as well.

An abundance of aerial-themed discounts are also available this week for hangars, select aircraft and vehicles, including fan-favorites like the Scramjet.