Timespinner, the debut title of Seattle-based studio Lunar Ray Games and published by Chucklefish, has just released for the PC, PS4, and PS Vita. A Metroidvania RPG with clear inspiration from Symphony of the Night, players must help a young woman master the manipulation of time, and try to change history itself.

Lunais finds her homeland invaded by the Lachiem Empire, her family murdered, and the prized artifact – the Timespinner – destroyed. Vowing revenge, she endeavours to put an end to the Lachiem Empire before it can begin, and uses her powers as a burgeoning timekeeper to travel through Lachiem’s past and present to manipulate events to her favour. Along the way, she befriends mysterious creatures known as familiars, which she can use to aid her in combat – like the dragon, Meyef, who quickly becomes a trusted ally. But Lunais may learn that, even with the best of intentions, nothing may be entirely black and white when it comes to history and the ripples it leaves…

Inspired by classic 90’s tiles, this Metroidvania title boasts beautifully painted pixel art and a large, interconnected world to explore. Use magic or blade to vanquish foes, and receive aid from familiars you meet – and train to become even better fighters. Use abilities, reflexes, and time manipulation to traverse daunting areas, solve tricky puzzles, and get a one-up on your enemies. Secret areas and powerful bosses await to challenge the extent of a player’s capabilities. The game also features a soundtrack composed by Jeff Ball (Tiny Barbarian DX, Steven Universe) and sound effects by Power Up Audio (Crypt of the Necrodancer, Celeste, Into the Breach).

The launch trailer for Timespinner can be found below.