Anyone out there remember that Stubbs The Zombie was supposed to have a collectors edition that for some bizarre reason was to come out waaaaaay after the release of STZ In Rebel Without A Pulse remaster?? No? Yeah I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, to be fair the only reason I do and why I’m bringing it up is because I was one of those people that paid for the pre order and has been waiting over a year for it to arrive.

So if I remember correctly it was supposed to be released in November 2021 then it was delayed until February because certain items had to be changed within the product itself. It was or still is coming with some cool stuff including a 9″ Stubbs head, 12″ vinyl soundtrack featuring the great covers in the game, a lighter, a physical copy of he game (which I could’ve bought by now as it’s been out for A YEAR) and some other stuff like a plushy kidney I don’t know…there has been a few concept images released (you’ll see them in this post) where the box is standard with blood splatters or an old tube television…either way i cant wait to get this collectors edition, but guess what.

It didn’t come out in February it was delayed until early march for no major reason (at least that’s what the email from Aspyr Games said) but I was assured that shipping will take place march 7th fast forward to the 23rd and I receive another email saying oh sorry but one item still isn’t ready for the product and we should be shipping out early April now…I mean Jesus fucking Christ! This wasn’t cheap due to shipping costs it cost me over £200 and at this point I’m not even sure I’m gonna get it. It’s been over a year since pre orders where released, it sold out fairly quickly too so now thousands of fans of this cult classic have just been left feeling angry and I am tempted to just cancel it…I won’t but fully tempted.

This Collectors Edition is supposed to be in peoples hands early April and I’ll be doing an unboxing for it too over on the Bear’s Den, unfortunately I have no date for you so I cant tell you when that video will happen… I can tell you this if anything in this Edition is low quality I will be pissed off… I’m unsure if you’ve noticed but Aspyr have been producing tons of remasters and rereleases recently, mainly Star Wars games, but it seem that they have been focusing on that way more than honouring the release of this Stubbs Collection… fine, whatever, get your money and do you, but JUST GIVE ME MY GAME!!!

Ok ok I ‘m gonna stop now, have a great day and be nice to each other.

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