I just played Shadow of the Tomb Raider for 3 hours and essentially nothing happened, so I got to ask myself “Why is this such a boring game?”

So I don’t know if its because I’ve not taken the biggest interest in the story or what but I feel like this is a pretty game just full of emptiness. All I was doing was walking around and climbing. I know the game depends on climbing as action pieces but they aren’t enough to entertain me if that’s all I’m doing for hours, I’m pretty sure I didn’t get climbing simulator 2018.

Whilst I was doing the story there were a few cutscenes where things happened, and I thought to myself “why wasn’t that an action sequence that I could play “. The game has you running around talking to people way too much and a lot of side quests just consist of ‘go here and press triangle 4 times to complete the task’. Even the challenge tombs don’t up the challenge in the game because you’re just climbing over one thing or another. For me, there really isn’t enough action between the many many talking scenes. This coupled with having to constantly hit R3 to find out where you’re going can get tiresome for sure.

Then the issue is when you get to that part of the action its just not that fun, the Stealth can be frustrating and gotten around by shooting and healing continuously. Essentially what I’m saying is the game is actually pretty boring when you really drill into it. Sometimes the movement can just not feel free enough and the gun combat is unnecessarily hard, taking the fun factor out of it for me.

What should be a fun game about raiding tombs and exploring new worlds is actually a humanitarian quest which revolves around a lot of conversation and rock climbing. The puzzles are… Ok. A lot of the time you’ll fire a rope arrow at something, open a door and swing about a bit and you’ll solve the ‘challenge’ tomb. I’m not saying I’m an expert player either and it’s just an easy game, it’s just doesn’t feel all that thought through.

I heard a lot of people had a similar issue with the second game, where its a great game but there’s just not that much to do within it. Maybe if we didn’t have a certain other amazing treasure hunting series I would feel differently but unfortunately, this is not the case.

So much so that I’d have to drop my review score, found here to a 6.5. It’s honestly not a game I’d spend more than £25 on. I’d much rather play any of my other games over this.