So as I think everyone knows by now the Persona series has some absolutely insane music. Some of the best in gaming period. And I’m here to talk about my favorites from the series so without further ado here we go!

10. Life Will Change, Persona 5.

You might be thinking why I put this song so high on the list, well its simple. I didn’t like the Persona 5 soundtrack more than Persona 4’s then again P5 has some really kick ass songs and they get even better with context. Still an absolutely top tier OST.


9. Rivers in the Desert, Persona 5

Another bombastic track from Persona 5, everything about this track is great. The vocals and just the bombastic nature of it. And as I’ve stated before it gets even better with context.

8. Burn My Dread, Persona 3

And here we have the opening of Persona 3, the one I never beat. I still believe this is one of the absolute best tracks in the series and I still have vague memories of me listening to this when I didn’t even know what Persona was. The overall flow and style this song emanates is what drew me in as well as the amazing vocals.

7. Mass Destruction, Persona 3

The only other track from Persona 3 and another one I listened to before I even knew what Persona was. What makes this track so good is just the vocals provided by famous Japanese rapper with the coolest name ever, Lotus Juice as well as just the funky instrumentals. Although I can see why people sometimes hate this song because it plays every time you’re in a standard fight. It really could get grating listened to BABYBABYBABYBABYBABY for hours on end.

6. Pursuing My True Self, Persona 4


Here comes the first track from probably one of my favorite games of all time, Persona 4. This intro was just all kinds of good. I can’t really pinpoint why I like this track so much, it might have to do something with the visuals of the intro but just listening to it brings back old memories of my time in Inaba.

5. Reach Out to the Truth, Persona 4

And now here we have the standard battle theme from Persona 4. Everyone has a love/hate relationship with the battle themes as they can get really annoying after sinking in countless hours into the game but for me this song goes from, love, then annoyance, which leads to hate, and then finally greatest song of all time.

4. Beneath the Mask -rain-, Persona 5

Here we have one of the more chilled out tracks from P5. Though it has multiple versions that play depending on the weather and what not. I prefer the chilled out piano and the more focus on the extremely relaxing vocals. I could let the game sit idle while listening to this track all day Which probably explains why I have 5 extra hours in on my 90 hour play through.

3. Swear to My Bones, Persona 5

Here we have one of the most triumphant tracks in the game. You just feel so accomplished when hearing this track. The beautiful piano playing compliments the rocking guitar so well. This is a track that has given me goosebumps every time and its even better in context.

2. The Genesis, Persona 4.

This track right here is probably why Persona 4 is one of my favorite games of all time. The ominous and impending doom this track tries to project is so good and what makes it even better is the great rendition of Reach Out to the Truth. The feeling you get when fighting the true final boss and listening to this is something you can never recreate.

1. Heaven, Persona 4

And now finally, we have my favorite track from all of Persona. There are surely better songs but this one right here resonates with me so much. Its such a perfect song for a dungeon such as Nanako’s. The piano, the vocals and the strings in the back are just so perfect. This is another track I listened to while leaving the game idle.

BONUS TRACK! Persona 2 Innocent Sin Intro

While I was looking for links in this article I just came across this little song. I’ve never played P2 so listening to this was quite a surprise. Its fast paced with amazing visuals and vocals and and overall good time.