Please note, this is just my personal opinion! Feel free to debate with me down there in the comments!!

DmC: Devil May Cry is a game viewed by many fans of the Devil May Cry series as…less than favourable. It’s combat to its design and just the whole vibe the game gives off is something that rubbed a lot of people, including me, the wrong way. Here are some of the reasons why this game is still really not great.

It’d be an acceptable game if it wasn’t called Devil May Cry, it still is by all means an okay game on a surface level but giving it that name makes it have something to live up to and this game just does not live up to the legacy of the original Devil May Cry games.

The combat was a major downgrade, the point of Devil May Cry’s combat is to be as stylish as possible, too look the coolest while also mastering the combat system to be even more stylish and cool. Then you have combat in DmC: Devil May Cry where sure, you get some nice crunchy sound effects and pretty colours whenever you kill an enemy but the depth and mastery that the previous games had is all gone to pander to a wider audience.

Then you have enemies designed specifically to stop the flow of combat. It ran like rubbish too, 30fps for a character action game. Devil May Cry 4, a game that came out 5 years before this mess ran at 60fps and looked better overall.

They later fixed “fixed” the flow of combat allowing you to damage the colour coated enemies with any weapon but only the specific weapon that their colour represents can stagger them on the definitive edition on PS4 and Xbox One which is fine I guess but it took them a whole new console generation to “fix”. It also took an entire console generation for it to have 60fps.

The style system is a joke too, there’s more emphasis on damage rather than style. In previous Devil May Cry games mixing up your weapons and moves is how you get style points I could literally spend hours figuring out sweet new combos that’ll get me a Smokin’SickStyle!!! but in DmC all you gotta do is use the Arbiter and get 3 hits to get a SSSenational!!!

Once again fixed slightly in the Definitive Edition but then again the damage had already been done and the sour taste in my mouth is still there.

Donte as a character is probably one of the most insufferable characters I’ve ever had the misfortune of playing as. Everything thing he says is just trying so hard to appeal to SOME kind of audience and he just ends up sounding like an absolute asshole. The charm of the original Dante was that he was calm, and cool. Always having a plan and never getting too heated when a gross maggot thing yells obscenities at him. He was perfect for the kind of game he was in. But then we have some big boy who looks like he can finally go to Hot Topic by himself now and buy Asking Alexandria T-Shirts. Donte is such a mess to me as I don’t understand how the writers could think of him as remotely likeable.

Bosses in that game are a complete joke as well as they suffer from dumb and cliched game design elements where you have to reach a certain damage quota until you get a cut scene that breaks game flow, then you can go ham at them until they get back up and you gotta knock em down all over again. In previous games bosses are essentially enemies with a much bigger move set that you had to use your skills from fighting smaller enemies to defeat. They were some of the most creative and cool enemies design wise. Once again, emphasis on COOL.

Overall DmC: Devil May Cry is a big ol’ stain on the series not as big a stain as Devil May Cry 2 but it’s an insulting stain, a stain that gets more and more frustrating the more you think about it and I’m glad that it isn’t canon so the pure image of my lovely boy Dante will remain forever in my heart.