Wait… this game is actually good!?

Hello reader, if you have been reading my reviews for a while now you must know that every once in a while I am given games that are just straight up smut… And I truly, eat that shit up. I think playing these games are hilarious and they always get a good kick out of me though ultimately writing a review afterwards can be a huge drag. But not this time! As this game I’m going to be reviewing is actually… DECENT.

So Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal is a mouthful of a title and a remake of Senran Kagura Burst on the 3DS, which was a 2.5D hack’n’slash title that got pretty popular for the phat anime tiddies that it provided its players. I did play it for a little bit back when I cared about the 3DS but after a while of playing I just kinda dropped it and never thought about it again.

So in comes Re:Newal with new pretty new graphics and phatter phuckin tiddies and WAY better combat.

It’s your standard hack’n’slash affair. It’s not going to be as complex as say, Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, but they’ve made it satisfying enough with enough variation that you can actually have fun while playing it instead of just mashing buttons in hopes of when you’ll see the next flash of skin.

…And you have a lot of content to pick at actually. The game has two campaigns with 41 missions each and you can switch between them at any time you want. Characters with different fighting styles and movesets change up the combat which is basically the only type of gameplay in this game and the characters are distinct in both gameplay and personality.

One character will be an absolute clutz, so her fighting style will be her thrashing around like an idiot and using her butt to defeat her foes. One will be very stoic and responsible so she’ll be using a katana with many calculated slower attacks – You get the picture – and fan service aside, I think these characters are great. They’re really funny and half the time it’s like watching a neat little slice of life anime where dumb large breasted ninja girls get into all sorts of hijinks.

But that’s where you kinda check out with the story since you really couldn’t care less about anything else and the came sometimes takes too much tie with its visual novel type sections of endless text. I found myself either not paying attention and mashing X or just skipping it all together so I can get to the action.

When you get to the action the same problem is also faced in the sense that you just get bored of seeing the same locations and enemy types around all the time. The game reuses assets a lot, and whilst that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it needs to know when to reuse certain levels because having three consecutive missions in the exact same area is definitely a no-go.

…But then again the combat is still satisfying enough that you can certainly have a good time hacking and slashing away at other ninjas with huge gazonkas. Now, speaking of huge fucking jugs, let’s talk about the main appeal of this series pretty much, the fanservice. I gotta say the fan service in this game is mighty strong and it’s handled pretty tastefully… Just kidding, tits are flying everywhere and it’s hilarious. You get a whole lot of customisation options for each character so you can make your anime dollies as slutty as possible too… But in the end the fan service is just kinda there, I just stayed for the decent action combat and the often cute story.

So in conclusion, this game, despite my prior experiences with games of its nature, is actually pretty god-damn decent. I actually would recommend this to someone who wants something cute and fun to play; it’s definitely not the best game in this genre but it’s certainly better than Senran Kagura Reflexions.

I give Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal a:

7 / 10