Alright, I’ll admit, I wanted to review this game cause of anime titties. Okay now leave me alone.

Gal Gun 2 is a pretty darn okay game – If I had to sum it up, the entire game is an on rails shooter with dating sim mechanics thrown in. It’s a direct sequel to Gal Gun: Double Peace – the first game in the series – and though I haven’t played the first release I can tell by watching footage online that there have been some really worthwhile improvements.

So let’s talk about the… Uh… “content.” This game is basically any weeaboo’s dream – The story follows a normal high school student who is visited by an angel; they’ve been randomly selected to try out some new technology for defeating demons, with the one side effect of this whole thing being that all girls will find you absolutely irresistible (I kid you not). So, you have to trial this new technology that includes a VR Headset and a Pheromone Gun which you use to blast demons and…. “blast” girls, if you catch my drift.

Gameplay is fixed like an on rails shooter. You move from screen to screen with free control of the camera, whilst girls come after you – Your goal is to blast em with some hot, sexy, pheromones and you rinse and repeat. The game can be fun for a while and getting upgrades for your weapon is neat and all, but I wish the game just felt better to play. How about instead of making it an on rails first person shooter, make it a fully fledged FPS with tight mechanics and fun and interesting enemy types? Or even a third-person shooter similar to God of War or Danganronpa: Another Episode? Speaking of enemy types there are primarily two types of enemies you’ll encounter throughout this whole ordeal. Girls, and girls who’ve been possessed by demons. Now, I don’t have a problem with this gameplay really but in the end I really wish it felt better, was more mechanically deep and a lot less clunky… But it’s good if you play in short bursts.

Besides that, I think the game looks really nice. It has a pretty generic anime art style but I guess you can’t really make a game about anime girls getting horny when they’re shot it with some weird Taiyo Matsumoto art style now could we? The game runs well at a stable 60FPS and the art style in the end helps with the game not becoming dated.

The game has a lot more to offer when it comes to things to do besides shooting just girls as well. You have three kinds of missions now instead of just the one on rails kind – You also have these dating elements where you give student and teacher characters gifts to increase their affection and maybe get a little romance going; this stuff leads into the fact that the game has multiple endings, which can add a whole lot of replay value for some players… But I personally don’t feel compelled to replay it since the gameplay doesn’t really keep me invested enough to really care about getting the rest of the endings.

Alright, so now I guess I’ll talk about the reason why horny teenage weeaboos will play this game – The whole titillation thing is just a big old meme and it wears of really quickly. First it was all cute and endearing, and then the voice acting and sound effects got so annoying I had to turn the volume down even lower from what it already was to avoid any unwanted guests coming in. If you want to get your rocks off then just go watch some hentai, maybe.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on long enough; so whats the verdict? Well, I think for the fun romp it is, Gal Gun sure has a lot more to offer from it’s previous entry. I think that if this series wants to go on, however, it needs to just have better feeling gameplay to keep people engaged… And though the story isn’t something Shakespearean, it certainly gets the job done in a silly and harmless manner.

I give Gal Gun 2 a 6/10. If you’re expecting to bust a nut to this game then just go watch some hentai for free I guess.

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