Just to feed our egos a little we thought we’d tell you what games we’re the absolute freaking boss at!


One thing I noticed with my life is that the older I get and the more I had to go to work and not stay up playing games until 3-4 in the morning, the worse I got at games. It is now very well documented on our YouTube channel that I absolutely SUCK at Call Of Duty however this wasn’t always the case. There was 2 games I was an absolute fucking monster at when I was younger and that was Devil May Cry 4 & Gears of War 2.

With Gears I will always remember the day myself and my friend Lewis made it to the top 2 (I was 2 because he was an animal at Gears) for the Wingman game mode, we had our teamwork and loadouts down to an absolute tee and we were unstoppable.

Then there was DMC4 where I was number 3 in Europe for points in not 1 but 3 different difficulty modes including Hell or Hell mode. I have always wanted to go back to being able to gaming like this again but I fear life, always finds a way OF STOPPING ME HAVING FUN.


Despite what we’d all like to believe, most video games today aren’t -hard- and most of us are just mediocre at them. Sure, at the highest professional levels, there is genuine talent, but like every sport, the invention of the internet and the growth of the industry has pushed the skill gaps further apart. What medical science did for the 100-meter dash,  the internet has done for video games. It’s no longer enough to just play a game a lot. Even if people were inherently good at maximizing play-efficiency, players trying to learn from the ground up are trying to reinvent the wheel while real professionals are doing quantum physics.

Everyone reading this has some degree of games literacy. Some of us even have a great deal of it! But the fact of the matter is that if Gears of War 2 came out today and Epic sponsored a hundred-thousand-dollar tournament, NRG Esports would be beating Luke’s severed leg against his skull inside six months. Professionals optimize better than the average player, or even an above-average player who plays as a hobbyist.


Listen guys, after far too many hours. I think it’s fair to say I have become pretty darn efficient at Crash Bandicoot. Recently I was able to finally achieve platinum status on the first game in the N Sane Trilogy and I believe that I transcended beyond my human form. This was an experience which took a long time to get through and had me yelling, screaming and crying in pain. Crash is not for the faint hearted.

That’s been my most recent experience however I think I’m ready to toot my own horn a bit and say I’m a good Lucio on Overwatch. I’m one of those guys who has the jump key mapped to my secondary fire button. This is on both console and PC with right click being my jump button. Lucio is such a fluid and agile character and playing him has always been so much fun and I think it actually works as well. I’ve maintained a pretty high competitive rank by playing only this character. It’s impossible to play anyone else after the amount of time I’ve put into him.


So I was really damn good at Mortal Kombat X for a while. I really like that game and I wish more people played it over here. Hell, I wish more people played fighting games in general over here. I used to main Grandmaster Sub-Zero who’s corner setups were just so goddamn fun to pull off. Piercing Mileena who just deal an absolute truck ton of damage. Master of Souls Ermac who was just fun cause of his hard combos and finally Buzz Saw Kung Lao who always will be my favorite MK character.

I also remember being really good around the first couple of months of Overwatch. Me and my brother both were ranked somewhere in the top 50-100 worldwide before people started getting good and I got bored.


In recent times I’ve realised that I am not the fucking don at many games. This mostly comes down to wanting to cram as many games as possible in to my year and not wanting to spend 100s of hours on 1 online game to get good at it, like Fortnite or Call of Duty. I also would say i don’t perfect a games move set, e.g I really struggle with souls games. When I try these difficult games, such as trying the secret bosses on KH2 on proud mode, i gave up and it resulted in many items being thrown across the living room. However my recent achievement of defeating the Valkyrie queen on GOW made me feel empowered.

I also have to say I am pretty fucking good with Kazuya in Tekken. Having favoured Jin in tekken 3 who essentially was a clone of Kazuya (at the time) these move sets are set within my thumbs. I’ve not spent much time on Tekken 7 but I do absolutely plan to raise my game again. I’d say Tekken is a game where i’m above average.