Earlier today, the official Resident Evil YouTube channel posted a video, purporting to be an emergency alert from the Raccoon City Police Department. The description of the video mentions a physical location in London, leading many to suspect this will be an actual location as opposed to in-game content.

In the video, found below, citizens are urged to head to the Raccoon City Police Department, where there is safety and a cure to the T-Virus. Resident Evil fans may recall that, whilst there is a cure for the virus in the city, it isn’t at the police station, and that police chief Brian Irons has gone mad during the events, suggesting the report is actually a trap.

Whilst little has been revealed about the nature of the content so far, the video description states “Resident Evil 2 Safe House. London. Coming Soon.”, suggesting a physical location fans can visit, most likely an escape-the-room style event set in the Raccoon City Police Department during the height of the outbreak. Considering Resident Evil 2’s release later this month, we can assume the event will coincide with release. Respawning will keep an eye on this story, and update when more is known.