About the year 2012, British Telecoms approached my father with the chance to beta test a cloud-based gaming system called OnLive. This was a service that streamed all gameplay to your device, for example, a Windows computer, a Mac, your phone or tablet, even supported TVs. One of the games that were featured in the system was Red Faction Guerilla. A beautiful game about liberating mars by destroying the EDFs Property. THQ Nordic has jumped onto the bandwaggon of Remasters and has decided to Re-Mars-Ter (I didn’t come up with that, they did) this Smashtacular game.

The game will be coming out for PS4 and Xbox One and will feature Native 4K textures and a massive graphical overhall. Whats more, they’re following down the route of Bethesda with the Special Edition release of Skyrim and are offering a free upgrade when the game releases on Steam as well.

The game is set 50 years after the events in the original Red Faction game and involves you leading another Mining Colony revolt against the huge Earth-based conglomerationn, the EDF (Earth Defence Force). And what better way to overthrow a huge Company like this than blowing up all of the there buildings and driving cars through all of the Offices. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. You have a sledgehammer that can be used to completely destroy the buildings, not to mention smashing a sledgehammer into a person to kill them is oddly satisfying.

The game will be released by the end of June.