Earlier today, Rockstar’s official YouTube channel released the second part of its Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay showcase. The video provides insight into some of the title’s missions and activities, the fluidity between freeplay and quests, as well as detailing some gameplay mechanics.

The video demonstrates several instances of players stumbling upon various missions naturally, and details that as Dutch, players can participate in a variety of activities: From robbing carriages, stores and trains, to fishing, gambling, and tracking down bounties. Large scale heists are also available in the title, as are house burglaries, and loan sharking. Law enforcement will come and investigate crime scenes, such as areas Dutch has passed through and cleared enemies from – they will also pursue the player if they have a bounty, and bounty hunters will dog you until its cleared.

The Dead Eye system from the first game has been expanded upon, allowing players to see specific weak points in their opponents, and paint targets. The game may also be experienced entirely in first person view for a more personal and intense style of gameplay, or cinematic camera angles may be enabled to show off the beautiful vistas of the West and create some truly breathtaking moments.

The video may be found linked below; the first part of the series may be found here. Red Dead Redemption 2 is slated for release on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 this October 26th.