Are PUBG trying to get into the limelight following a recent rise in other popular battle royales? In a team up that’s come out of nowhere they’ve today announced they’re adding Horizon Zero Dawn Skins to Celebrate their Two Year Anniversary. We have all the details here.

firstly here’s a video for your perusal:

From March 5 through to April 5, all PlayStation 4 PUBG players can receive free Horizon Zero Dawn content just for logging in, with additional content available by completing in-game challenges or purchasing directly. The full list of new PUBG + Horizon Zero Dawn items include:

Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Mask
●   Can be claimed by playing 10 games of PUBG during the event period.

Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Top

●   Every player who logs into the game during event period will receive the item

Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Kar98k
●   Can be unlocked for 8,000 BP

Horizon Zero Dawn Pan
●   Players who kill 10 opponents using the crossbow during the event period will receive the pan

Check out PUBG’s new Horizon Zero Dawn content between March 5 and April 5. For more information on PUBG, please visit