Overwatch is the hero-based shooter that has taken the world by storm. Blizzard sure does know how to make smash hits because goddamn no one shuts up about this game and neither did I. I played everyday for about 5-6 months before dropping it completely. You see even though Overwatch is a good game, to me it does not have anything that increases its longevity. It lures you in with amazing production value and waifus with asses so good you wish you could die under em.

The game is easy to jump into and easy to master pretty much. That really isn’t good for a competitive game since the game just kinda falls on its face when someone wants to try some crazy shit. There are some heroes in the game that certainly have a higher skill ceiling than others. But they can also be destroyed just as easily by a hero that’s brain dead and piss easy. Every match is the same thing over and over with absolutely nothing new brought to the table. Unique play styles are just not a thing because every hero isn’t flexible enough to do anything besides what the designers had intended.

If you want a game that is hero-based you should take a few pointers from one of the bigger hero-based games DotA. In DotA you have so many things in your environment that you can play with. Each hero also has access to a multitude of tools in the form of items which affect the environment and certain other heroes in such interested ways that you will find all kinds of players trying new and wacky things keeping it fun and new every time. Now I know adding so much shit into Overwatch would make it complex or it won’t mesh well but it doesn’t help either that no one has the freedom to find their own play style and really go in and master certain systems.

In my eyes, the only thing that keeps people or at least what kept me going for a little while were those sweet sweet event skins. In all their loot box-ey glory those things were a treat to get. Some seasonal events were fun like the Halloween one but other than that the game is pretty much left with nothing but repetitive matches in quick play a shitty ranked mode where the meta keeps changing to accommodate the lack of any depth and an arcade mode with dumb mini-games you’d only wanna play like once to get a loot box and then fuck right off. Seriously the reason why I see people going back to Overwatch is because every new update changes the meta drastically with every big update so the only big thing you have to adapt to is the new combination of assholes your gonna be fighting and with who you’re going to fighting with because clearly this game does not want you to have the freedom to choose your favorite character and have a good time with them.

Maybe I’m just talking out of my ass (Which I probably am) and maybe our Overwatch expert Will Jones can correct me on most of these things. BUT as it stands I think Overwatch is just a joke of a “Competitive FPS” I think it has to introduce new systems and mechanics that can completely change the current state of the game in order to allow more player freedom in how they play. Otherwise I think a lot of people will soon drop it. Maybe not, people still play it like crazy so whatever. This has been a rant by a stupid person. Thank you.