The insane Dutch astrophysicist is finally public.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Siebren de Kuiper was once a kind and brilliant researcher. But his attempts to harness the power of black holes resulted in an accident that left the man psychologically broken, but imbued with an inexplicable control over gravity. For a time, he was contained, but Talon – ever seeking opportunities for chaos – freed him.

Whilst the scientist has little awareness to what’s going on around him, he was persuaded to aid his liberators their cause, and now serves as a confused but deadly pawn for the evil organisation under his new name: ‘Sigma’.

The insane scientist has a few unique tools at his disposal: His regular weapon, the Hyperspheres, are two projectile orbs that do a high amount of damage if they directly hit. Alternatively, they can bounce off surfaces and explode, damaging all within the radius.

Experimental Barrier, Sigma’s right-click, is similar to Symmetra’s old deployable barrier, except that it can stop and hold its ground at a point of Sigma’s choosing.

Sigma’s Shift ability, Kinetic Grasp, will turn projectiles into temporary shields for him; his E will throw debris at the enemy.

His ultimate, however, is truly impactful – whilst a melody from his reveal trailer plays, Sigma may fly around and create a zone that lifts enemies and slams them into the ground for high amounts of damage.

Sigma is certainly a unique ‘hero’, and he’s live now on the Public Test Realm – and soon, the game proper. The developer commentary may be found below.