It’s that time of the month again, where Sony have revealed their newest games going free to Playstation Plus members!

This month, expect to find:

Resident Evil HD


Relive the horror…The madness…The impending doom of the original Resident Evil, upscaled to modern hardware, and re-released back in January 2015, this cult classic gem is definitely worth the storage space to install it! I for one am going to try and Platinum it.

Transformers: Devastation


Platinum Games’ unique, colourful and interesting spin on the ever-nostalgic Transformers franchise turned a lot of heads, and made a lot of people feel a bit wary of the title due to the drastic change in aesthetic and gameplay – One thing I can tell you, however, is that Platinum Games have really worked their magic with this one. Certainly a keeper in my books!

What do you think of the games revealed? Are you happy that Sony are releasing more and more Triple-A games onto Playstation Plus for free? Let us know below!