With the new Atlas Rises update, the team at Hello Games has significantly overhauled the state of the game’s content. Is it enough to bring gamers back to No Man’s Sky?

You can see the official video about the update below:

Due for release today, the patch comes with an absolutely massive list of changes that you can find on the official website.
We’ve compiled some for you to read below;

  • “30 hours” of new story content, including the appearance of a new interdimensional alien race.
  • Limited online co-op called “Joint Exploration”
  • Improved galactic mapping and better waypointing.
  • Variety and visual quality of planets improved, with new rare planet types.
  • Crashed freighters, buried resources and scavenging missions.
  • New mission board introduces constant extra missions and NPC guilds.
  • Full galactic trading system.
  • More in-depth scanning with updated Analysis Visor.
  • Overall improved visual quality, with higher resolution textures.
  • Terrain manipulation tool allows you to mold planets as well as destroy them.
  • Space combat improvements, more ship types and low planetary flight now allowed.
  • Quality of life improvements such as ship summoning and better inventory management.
  • Ancient portals are now functional and can be used to warp between planets.

This update marks the one year anniversary of No Man’s Sky, and a lot has changed since the game came out.

The team at Hello Games has been hard at work with the previous major updates – Pathfinder and Foundation, and with this latest update – we’ve certainly got the closest thing to what was shown during the controversial launch – a (limited) multiplayer mode that allows you to see up to 16 other players as floating orbs and voice chat with them. The developer has said that “while interaction with others is currently very limited, this is an important first step into the world of synchronous co-op in No Man’s Sky.”

Personally, I’ve been floored by the amount of post-launch support that we’ve gotten – many games with poor launches simply stay that way, but it seems like Hello Games won’t let this be their legacy.

What do you think about this update? Will you be giving it a try?
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