Square Enix’s new ‘The Quiet man was announced at E3, and is setting our minds abuzz with the potential of its premise- a brawler starring a deaf character, whose deafness is carried on to the player.

The game’s story has been teased in a new live-action trailer, entitled ‘Silence Rings Loudest’, which is filled with cryptic clues hinting towards what appears to be a masked criminal abducting a lounge singer, seemingly in New York City. The game has already been confirmed to contain live-action cutscenes and focus heavily on its narrative, similarly to 2016’s ‘Quantum Break’, which contained episodes of the companion TV show spliced into the gameplay.

A second trailer, entitled simply ‘Combat Gameplay Trailer’, gives us a look at the cinematic, fast-paced combat the game is set to feature- focused entirely on hand-to-hand fights. The game’s gimmick really shines through here, with the audio numbed and ethereal, which seems to be a huge addition to the game’s overall tone.

The game has no known release date but is currently being developed and published by Square Enix.