For those of you that have been keeping up with Respawning’s PlayStation Podcast, you will be aware of the weekly feature were hosts; Mikey & Javier pick a classic PlayStation title to enter into The PlayStation Hall of Fame!

After joining together to induct both PS3’s Heavy Rain and PS1’s Metal Gear Solid, both myself and Javier got bored of agreeing so much so decided to change things up!

That’s why starting with the latest episode, we will now fight it out head to head, as we both bring a classic PlayStation game to the table and argue which game deserves its place in the Hall of Fame.

If you haven’t already listened to the latest episode of Respawning’s PlayStation Pod, then you can listen right now by checking out the links here.

But for those of you who are up to date, we have decided to put together a handy graphic to not only keep track of our Hall of Fame inductees but to also keep track of who has won the most battles between the two fighting hosts!

As already stated, week one and two featured the induction of 2010’s Heavy Rain by developer Quantic Dream and 1998’s Metal Gear Solid by Konami. And as they were a joint decision, neither of us can claim them as a win. But who was victorious in the first head to head battle?

It was The Last of Us vs Tekken 3! Who won? Check out the graphic below…

That’s right, my pick for The Last of Us was victorious! The graphic above will be updated after every PS Pod so make sure to keep an eye out right here at Respawning! To find out what gets inducted next time and to see if Javier can hit back or not, make sure you are subscribed to all of the Respawning podcasts!

Do you agree with our picks for the PS Hall of Fame so far? Should Tekken 3 have gone in over The Last of Us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…