This past week myself and fellow Respawning member Javier recorded our first ever episode of a PlayStation themed podcast – We decided to do this because both of us are essentially PlayStation fan boys and it’s really all we’ve ever known in our gaming lives; it will come as no surprise to anyone that the subject of PlayStation exclusives came up many times and it’s got me thinking… Which PlayStation exclusives are in the most need of a sequel, and how can these potential sequels help Sony going forward, especially with the unannounced PS5 surely on the horizon? So here are 5 PlayStation exclusives that need sequels and why…!

1. Until Dawn

Anyone who knows me will know how much how excited I was to play Until Dawn – As a massive fan of interactive drama games like Heavy Rain, I was thrilled to hear that Supermassive Games had chosen to go down this route with their new horror title. Needless to say I was not disappointed, this game was a perfect merge of corny teen horror and decent story telling with enough different pathways that I completely fell in love with it… So would a sequel be beneficial to both the developer and Sony? Truth be told, I don’t know, and if we’re being honest there really isn’t that much demand for a follow up! So why add it to this list? Because I’m selfish and really really want it so there! Plus with Quantic Dreams apparently no longer making exclusives for Sony, maybe games similar to Until Dawn can fill that gap…

Disclaimer: No I do not count Until Dawn: Rush of Blood as a proper sequel; same with Man of Medan!

2. God of War

Probably the most obvious entry on this list, God of War is almost a certainty to get a sequel after the massive success it enjoyed last year, topping the majority of many-a-players’ game of the year list for 2018… So it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when! For me, I can’t see Sony Santa Monica wanting to rush anything, so the chances of getting this sequel on the PS4 are slim to none… So why not aim for it to be a PS5 launch title? If Sony wants to give players the feeling that the PS5 is a must buy console on launch, then they need a big title that people feel they can’t miss out on, and God of War undoubtedly ticks that box. On top of that, Sony Santa Monica would be a great choice of developers to show off what the next generation of PlayStation could be capable of!

3. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (VR Version)


Yes, yes; I can hear you all shouting at your screen that Resident Evil 7 is not a PlayStation exclusive! But in a weird way, it kind of is. Here me out; yes you can play a version of Resi 7 on most consoles, but if you want to get the proper survival horror experience that Capcom intended then you will need to own a PlayStation VR headset. Given that PlayStation is the only mainstream console offering VR capabilities, if there was to be a follow up to Resi 7, you would think Sony would be on the blower to Capcom trying to convince them to add VR support, so that once again, PlayStation is the choice for most players when it comes to Resident Evil. This could really be the shot in the arm that the PlayStation VR needs, as well given that the hype surrounding the headset has never quite been as massive as it was when everybody was experiencing the unrivalled horror of Resident Evil 7.

4. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Yes, I realise that I can’t talk about anything for more than a few minutes without mentioning Spider-Man these days, but can you blame me? Very much like God of War, a sequel to Spider-Man is all but guaranteed given the game’s huge success last year. This is particularly interesting though as we may not be talking about one sequel here. If the rumours are true that Marvel are looking to build a video game version of their massively successful MCU, then this could be massive for Sony. It all comes down to whether other Marvel superhero games will be made exclusively for PlayStation going forward. I think it’s safe to say that everybody’s favourite web slinger will be staying exclusively with Sony for the foreseeable future, but if Sony can work miracles and keep Marvel on side for all major releases, then the future will be very bright for PlayStation owners.

5. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

I really couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to add Uncharted to the list or not. Uncharted 4 ended the series so perfectly that it would be an insult to the the game if Naughty Dog were to dust off Nathan Drake for one more adventure this soon. So that’s why I am turning my attention to the fantastic spin-off, The Lost Legacy. This game showed that Naughty Dog can put out an Uncharted game without Nathan Drake being at the forefront and it still be a hit; maybe that’s the way forward with this franchise, whether it be playing as Chloe Frazer again or even introducing a new character (The epilogue to Uncharted 4 could give us a hint of who they could use). Either way, I think it would be a shame for Naughty Dog to just end the series now when there is still so much story they could tell. If they were to do this then much like God of War this could easily work as a launch title for the PS5, as any Uncharted game would shift consoles for Sony… Plus hands up, who wants to see Nathan Drake take on some sort of mentor role with Sully undermining him the whole way..? Me!!

So there you have it, those are my 5 Playstation exclusives that I feel are in need of a sequel. Do you agree? Or can you think of a better example? Let me know in the comments below!!