So the Tokyo Game Show 2016 got a first look at gameplay from the not so eagerly awaited addition to the Metal Gear franchise. Having sturggled through the 15 minutes of gameplay footage I have to say, like the 1 to 5 ratio of people who have currently reacted to the video on YouTube, I am not a big fan.

I am as big a nut when it comes to zombies as the next guy and I think that when a survival game comes out that absolutely nails the balance of horror and suspense with the touches of action it needs then I am all for it but judging from the following video I just felt like I was watching various different games with the Konami logo in the top corner.

Graphically the games looks amazing, using the same engine as MGSV and basically taking all of the cool features from it. The futon balloons and traps, the distraction techniques all have been pulled from previous games. Granted there are some new features like trapping animals to attract a group of ‘Creatures’ and the co-op fluidity in the gameplay shown below does look really good. But thats part of the problem, it looks ‘too good’. In the defense mode that you will see in the footage, everyones seems to be looking in the exact right place at the exact time that something happens. There is no frantically trying to find where the hell the mass hoard of noise is coming from or panic as someone gets caught and there leg chewed up whilst you are trying to hold a fence up.

From the looks of the footag is just feels like Konami have gone “What is everyone currently playing on every console at the moment? Tower Defense and Zombies? Then thats our next game lads!”. There are elements of stealth from the Kojima era of MGS but there shouldn’t just be ‘elements’, it very much feels like another ‘Revengeance’ is on the cards here. By that I mean if you enjoy MGS and its franchise then chances our you probably won’t like this.

As always though this is merely my opinion so feel free to make your own decision by watching the vid below – Pyro out.