After two phases of voting across two months, the competition committees for the Overwatch World Cup have been finalised. Each includes a general manager, coach, and a community lead, who will collectively make decisions regarding each national team’s roster, management, and promotion.

Here are the committee members for the United Kingdom:

GM: Tom “Stylosa” Stewart

Coach: Elliott “Hayes” Hayes

Community Lead: Philip “ChipSa” Graham

*Sorry for the bad quality ChipSa; we had to pull your image from one of your Livestreams! It was either that or a picture of chips…

Work for these committees begins immediately, with roster tryouts beginning on June 1. Rosters must be submitted to Blizzard between June 15 and July 5. Committees are empowered to reveal their own rosters and build the hype for their communities, so keep an eye on social media for new team accounts and announcements.

The full list of committee members for each competing country can be found at