The footballing icon is unleashing the new Italian Tech Tree with unique mechanics to World of Tanks PC!

The legendary Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has teamed up with World of Tanks PC for a match made in heaven. Gigi’s suited up and ready to bring a pack of new Italian tanks boasting the never-before-seen auto-reloader mechanic to World of Tanks’ battlefields. Never one to miss out on a good match, players will be able to even recruit Buffon to captain their Italian tanks.

“There’re always new challenges ready to knock you down, but your teammates are here to back you up. And having a few tanks at your command makes life a little easier,” said Gianluigi Buffon. “If you think you’re up for it, then join me in World of Tanks!”

“World of Tanks and football may seem a bit of an odd pairing—but trust me, it’s not,” said Anton Pankov, World of Tanks Publishing Director. “Whether you’re 15 vs 15 in our game or 11 vs 11 in football, it’s all about teamwork. You need a good head on your shoulders because the right strategy and tactics are crucial to securing victory. It’s this core that makes teaming up with the legendary Buffon a natural fit in celebrating Italian tanks.”

Kicking off today, 11 new Italian vehicles are fresh from the proving grounds and ready to make a name for themselves. Starting the tree are compact, lightly armored, and mobile low-tier tanks that will let players run rings around the opposition; mid-tier vehicles ramp up the firepower and offer better protection when slugging it out with enemies.

At the dizzying heights of Tier VIII and higher, the big boys come out to play with their futuristic post-WWII designs. Here, players will get their hands on the unique autoreloader mechanic that lets them choose from two different playstyles: go full Rambo and fill foes full of lead before heading for cover; or take things slow and pop off shots while saving those crucial rounds for later.

The autoreloader is all about reacting to your situation more than ever before. Players will be on the hunt for close and mid-range confrontations where autoreloading tanks can unleash rapid rounds to send foes packing.