Revealed today, Mantis Burn Racing’s release date is set to be October 12th 2016; shortlisted as a finalist for ‘Racing Game’ in the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2016, this fast paced, action packed racer features four-player local Split-screen racing, 9 different event types, a 20-hour single-player campaign, and an eight-player online competitive multiplayer mode, Mantis Burn Racing is sure to keep you entertained; one interesting thing to note, especially, is that Mantis Burn Racing is the PlayStation 4 Pro’s first native 4K title running at 60fps, which in of itself is a rather impressive feat!
As stated by the guys over at VooFoo Studios, Mantis Burn Racing features:

Compelling Career Mode Test every aspect of your driving ability in a comprehensive 7-season career structure

Incredible Vehicles – Choose from a roster of fully customisable vehicles in 3 distinct categories, each with their own unique handling and performance traits

Stunning Visuals – Race across stunning reversible tracks with incredible photo-realistic visuals

Intuitive, exciting gameplay – Enter a world of realistic, but fun, vehicle handling with intuitive and exciting gameplay where the driving experience takes centre stage

RPG-Style Upgrade System – Unlock both visual and performance upgrades for your vehicles using a RPG-style slot system to customise your vehicles’ suspension, gear-box, engine, tyres and boost

Challenging Game Modes – Master 9 fun game modes – including Knockout, Accumulator, Overtake and Time Trial – that keep the extensive solo career fresh and exciting

Weekly Challenges – Race your way to the top of the global leader boards in unique challenges each week for the ultimate in bragging rights

Intense Multiplayer – 4 player local split-screen racing with extensive online modes for up to 8 players allowing players worldwide to race together seamlessly

Original Soundtrack – Race to an original ambient-electro soundtrack written especially for the game.

High Definition Racing – Full native 4K support on PlayStation Pro at 60fps for crystal-clear high definition racing to truly immerse players in the race.

What do you think of Mantis Burn Racing? Will you be picking it up on day one? Let us know in the comments below!

You can visit the developers, VooFoo Studios here >>>>>