This is going to be a short review, much like the Not A Hero DLC there isn’t really much I can say with an hour and a half of content…

First things first, the top 4 questions:

  1. Is it REALLY Chris Redfield? I’m not telling you…!
  2. Does it tie up loose ends from Resident Evil 7 (I.E. Lucas): Yes.
  3. Is it fully action orientated or is it still scary? Chris can punch the heads off of the monsters straight off so I will let you make your own assumptions here…
  4.  Is it fun? Yes.

So that’s your TLDR… Now let’s punch onto the review like Chris punches through hundreds of pounds of pure boulder!

Resident Evil 7’s Not a Hero DLC follows on directly from the events of Resident Evil 7 as Chris, guided by the newly formed PMC version of Umbrella, enters the mines below the Baker mansion to tie up any loose ends and wipe out the remaining monsters and capture Lucas alive. I wont go much more into the story here but I will say it does tie up a few loose ends.

You start the game with the Albert Pistol and Shotgun; get used to these guns because it’s all you are getting throughout the entire DLC. The biggest change in gameplay here is that where you were constantly running out of ammo in the base game, you end up with far too much here – It only takes one pistol bullet and a punch in the face to kill most of the Molded, or alternatively if you feel a boss is coming, run away around a corner and come back once the enemy has disappeared as they don’t respawn (…

A few other new mechanics are present here, Chris is obviously more suited for this sort of mission so he comes in all suited and booted except for 2 basics (Which his team have for… Err… Reasons..?) which include a contagion filter and night vision; the bulk of the game is to go through Lucas’ “Saw-style” puzzles looking for Chris’ team and to pick items up off their suits to allow you to progress to the next area; simple yet somewhat effective – Especially given the type of DLC this is.

The strongest point of Resident Evil 7 was the absolute sheer fucking fear I felt throughout the game, whilst this is gone in the Not a Hero DLC, it makes sense in the context seeing as you play as the best Redfield on his 437824578278947382nd go at bio-terror.

All in all – It’s a free dlc so I have nothing to complain about, I wish there was more of it but for £0 who am I to complain? A fun action filled romp with a few new enemies and mechanics I would have liked to explore more of. If I paid for this it would be a much lower score (probably a 7/8 out of 10) but as it stands I give it a: