We’re back with yet another instalment of Respawning’s Let’s Talk series, where every Friday we get every one of our charismatic writers together to discuss a new topic! Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is FINALLY upon us and many of us at Respawning can’t wait to get back into the world and beat the ever loving crap out of a bunch of Monsters. So much so that we have decided to list the Monsters we cant wait to murder and turn into hats…

Some of us haven’t even played it but with a swift Google have taken to learn a couple monsters they would like to take to Murder town.

Personally I can’t wait to kick the hell out of the Nargacuga. I love killing anything that looks like a scary bat thing in video games and find nothing more satisfying than this. Bats are cute, video game devs, stop making scary ones that I have to/love to murder.

I haven’t played World in a bit, but man, Iceborne has me ready to return! I’ve always been a huge fan of snowy areas in games, but the Hoarfrost Reach looks especially beautiful: an untouched wilderness, frozen beneath feet of snow and ice, hints of mostly dormant foliage poking out here and there, with terrors unknown stalking the treelines…

I don’t have a specific monster I want to hunt, however… All of them so far are looking equally good! I look forward to carefully creeping through the snowfields, keeping an eye out for monsters lurking just below, and getting the drop on them before they can me. Why does January have to be so far away?!

There are so many to choose from!! Having played and enjoyed Monster Hunter quite a lot Iceborne looks like something that could get me back into this scary world of big, big, bads. I’d love to slay Brute Tigrex just because of it’s name (although it doesn’t look like a massive tiger). Velkhana also looks like a badass, and something ripped out of Dark Souls, that being said it should be a complete badass! Come at us icy monsters of death!

Iceborne is upon us and holy shit I can’t afford it for a while.

So why don’t I just daydream with y’all while I watch YT videos of people doin sick flips of off Tigrex instead?

The three monsters I wanna take down in Iceborne are Glavenus, Nargacuga, and Banbaro. Every time I see a monster I like the main thing I think about is how it’s armor is going to look and these three are no exception. I can’t wait to get my hands on them and make some sick nasty gear with them!

So ummm, I’d be one of those mentioned in the intro who has never actually played a Monster Hunter game, so I’m just going to rely on a handy Google search (other search engines are available.. Apparently). After having a nose through some of these weird and wonderful monsters, I landed on one called the Seething Bazelgeuse. I mean that name alone is badass, and looking at it, it looks like a weird nuclear lava dragon which is cool. Apologies to Javier who thought I would pick one that looked like a wrestler… Truth is that I just couldn’t find one.

I haven’t really kept up with Iceborne so you know that I googled the hell out of this. After very little deliberation I settled on the ice dragoon Velkhana. He looks like a mean machine with some fancy ice spikes and a wingspan bigger than my ego! I’m looking forward to hopping on his back and introducing his spine to my hammer! Now the astute among you might have guessed I also picked this frosty fellow because his name is suspiciously close to Valhalla, and you’d be right to assume that. You can bet your sweet ass that i want to be the man who brought down the Valhalla beast! Iceborne’s list of monsters is incredible though and I really can’t wait to get back to murdering these creatures and making sick clothes out of their skin and bones…

This motherfucker. This God damn motherfucker. Zinogre is my all-time favourite monster in the whole of the Monster Hunter franchise, offering up some of my favourite gear, having one of the best fights in the series, and has the best theme in the series. What more is there to improve?

Well… Given that Iceborne is evolving Monster Hunter with a few new moves, techniques and tricks, I’m expecting this to be the best incarnation of Zinogre to date.

Also huge shoutout to the water-controlling Elder Dragon Namielle above; it’s a water-controlling, rainbow, LED dragon. Corsair and NZXT would be proud.

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