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Please note that this article may contain spoilers, so if you see a game you’re currently playing, don’t be afraid to back out!

10) Fallout 3 – Nuking Megaton


There’s nothing quite just like applying a nuclear explosion to a small settlement under your own free will, is there? When I first nuked the peaceful, somewhat somber town of Megaton, I was feeling curious – “No, that couldn’t happen…The game would stop me…Wouldn’t it..? I couldn’t be that evil…I wouldn’t do this in real life!”

…However that’s exactly WHY many people resorted to nuke this place off the map. No other game really gives you a chance to…

Is it right, ending the suffering of dozens of settlers? Or is it nothing more than childish entertainment, toying with these people’s lives like putty in your hands until you throw it in the can? Whatever the moral standing, it’s regardless to deny that nuking Megaton sent shivers all down our spines…

9) Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix – Facing Xemnas / Lingering Will


Moreso made epic from hard gameplay and excellent music, the final fight against Xemnas, the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts II, has been one of Kingdom Hearts’ very best – With 7 Forms (Including his first battle in the distorted tower plaza), this is one hell of a fight to marathon, and sets a standard for future Kingdom Hearts antagonists; the themes for these battles, namely Darkness of the Unknown really set the theme for these fights, with Xemnas constantly questioning Riku’s loyalty to Sora and his internal Darkness – Slightly poetic if you ask me.

This, however, doesn’t hold a candle against the true final fight against the Lingering Will, being the haunted armour of Terra (Protagonist of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep) – This fight has been set in stone as one of the dead-set hardest battles in all of Kingdom Hearts, testing every ability, reflex and gameplay element KH2 has taught you into a masterful challenge of difficulty, fairness and strategy only found in Souls games. With ounces of lore behind the fight, the epic track Rage Awakened bellowing against every strike you make, and the sky-high difficulty even on Beginner Mode…Terra is no joke.

8) Let it Die – The Jackals make their Appearance


Yes. I know. I gave Let it Die a harsh review…And if I’m honest now, it’s absolutely taken over my life. I hate it, yet I love it, and it’s certainly an excuse for a follow-up review upon their first major update (Whenever that comes out)! However, Let it Die does have ONE moment, amongst the lacklustre voice acting and somewhat thin plot that can’t stop sending shivers down my spine.

Set against the track “Let it Die” by “Survive Said the Prophet”, the Jackals make their first appearance tearing up a couple of Screamers on a random floor on the Tower of Barbs…These guys….These guys mean business. I know I said Terra was hard, but the Jackals are just plain unfair! Set to huge levels towering over Level 200, the Jackals easily have the capability to one-shot you at any level unless you reach Levels above 150 – I’ve faced one before (The one with the pistol), and regardless to say I thought “Oh I can just sneak up on him, this’ll be ok!”.

No. I got one-shotted, and my poor 512HP Level 30-something character got dealt an abhorrent 120,000HP amount of damage.

Regardless to say, I’m giving these guys room. Heck, I’d let them reach the top. Just don’t come after me again!!

7) Undertale – SAVE the WORLD (VS Asriel Dreemurr)


Undertale, as many people know, has developed into a beloved franchise for many, with loveable characters, scenes and encounters, all of this culminates with a final bout with the ultimate being, the now-resurrected Asriel Dreemurr – Sealed into the form of Flowey, Asriel gained the ability to reset timelines and to reload previous SAVEs, using this power to exploit every single incarnation of the world of the Underground to find his Happy Ending. This ending never came, with Asriel soon resorting to killing his friends and allies to feel something in life.

Asriel perceives his new form as one of domination, transcendance and victory…However all that’s left is regret and sorrow. You can’t die in this fight, and all you can do is heal Asriel’s fractured heart. It’s a scene powerful enough to bring tears to your eyes, with you recovering the souls and memories of your deceased friends to gain more “Love” to give to Asriel. I know Undertale is cheesy, and that the fanbase is…Less than brilliant, however Toby Fox really outdid himself with this fight.

6) Crono Trigger – Crono’s Sacrifice


Poised as one of the greatest JRPGs of the SNES era, Crono Trigger brought amazing gameplay, mixed with unique character designs from Akira Toryama and a deep and compelling story with fulfilling characters, it was, to say the least, quite a shock to see that Crono Trigger just killed off their main protagonist. At the time, this was unheard of, and set people as wild as Aeris’ death in Final Fantasy 7.

The fact that you could, amazingly, actually find a way to save Crono (or not, if you wanted to be a cold, soulless, evil monster) added a whole new layer of complexity, morality and storytelling to this multi-branched adventure.

5) Pokemon Sun & Moon – The Ultra Beast Invasion Begins


A more recent entry in this list, the storytelling in Pokemon Sun and Moon ramped things up to 11 with the introduction of Ultra Beasts, new Pokemon (I think?) that herald from the Ultra Space, otherwise known as the fluff between timelines and universes – After being summoned by the main antagonist, Lusamine, the Ultra Beasts begin their rampage on the Alolan isles, clashing with the Tapu Deities that guard each island.

Everything from this point on sent shivers down my spine, with Lusamine escaping to the Ultra Space after your victory over her, fusing with her beloved Nihilego, and eventually to her comatose state leading Lillie to take her to Kanto to search for a cure was some of the best storytelling I’ve ever seen in a Pokemon game, even outclassing Pokemon Black and White, which were praised for their stories.

4) Asura’s Wrath – Asura VS Chakravartin The Creator


So, you’ve beaten through each and every one of the various Deities, saved your daughter, beaten the Lord of Deities and saved the planet from total annihilation numerous times…Only to find out that the little golden spider who has been philosophically guiding you the whole time was nothing more than God himself.

Yup. God. That God.

What ensues is Asura challenging the lord of all, creator of everything and destroyer of universes to a one-on-one clash, where Chakravartin not only beats the everloving crap out of Asura, but also throws ENTIRE GALAXIES at him. After eventually overcoming this form, Chakravartin pulls out his trump card, and turns into his destroyer form, which takes them into literal nothingness to duke it out with their most overpowered abilities only seen in the most epic of media. It’s just such a shame that Asura’s Wrath’s gameplay was so limiting…

3) NieR – The End


NieR is seen by many as a dark horse of the PS3 and X360, however one thing that fans of the series agree on is that the true ending of NieR is something only videogames can achieve – NieR sets up the player against tritagonist Kainé, who has accompanied the player throughout their journey and become a core ally of NieR’s throughout the entire story – Kainé becomes corrupted by a Shade, a force of darkness that manifests itself as a being known as Tyrann; at the end of this battle, the player is given a game-altering decision:

The player can choose to kill Kainé, ending her existence and ridding her of the possession that has haunted her for oh, so long…Or…

The player can choose to sacrifice his entire existence for Kainé, saving her.

The whole of the player’s local data for NieR is erased and everyone forgets he ever existed. This means you have to sit there, as the game wipes every single entry in every single tab, in every single option in every single save on your hard drive for NieR. It’s emotional, long-winded, and certainly is a first for gaming, and seeing all of that progress gone is just…

…Well it’s heartbreaking.

2) Bioshock – Would you kindly..?


Now, here we go onto what a heck of a lot of people would consider one of the biggest betrayals in all of gaming history – You’ve gone through the game, following the advice of Andrew Ryan, who had been in the shadows throughout the dark expanses of Rapture; the twist, however, is that the titular phrase, “Would you kindly”, served as a mind-control sentence that triggered within the protagonist, Jack, and in extension, the Player, that would get Andrew Ryan to control them and manipulate them in any instance. This has major implications, since the one who commonly used the phrase…And abused it…Was Atlas.

Atlas is a revolutionary who led many of the disillusioned of Rapture against Andrew Ryan and his supporters; he guides the player throughout the entire game, through the failing utopia of Rapture after Jack’s arrival…

…And all this time this man with a heart of gold was manipulating you and working for the enemy he was fighting against.

What a bastard.

1) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – The WHOLE BLOODY THING

Do I REALLY have to explain this one?! Seriously! Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is known as one of the most epic videogames of all time, from the combat, difficulty, bosses, OST, environments, characters and much, MUCH more, all you really have to do is take a look at the below clip to see WHY MGR:R got my No:1 slot.

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