Everyone raves about the PS2 (as do I), but the PS3 is the console I remember most fondly. The age where I could do whatever I wanted, but didn’t have too many responsibilities; this meant tonnes of gaming time! Including the huge jump from the PS2 in terms of graphics and game capabilities, the PS3 was the console that gave me my more refined game interests, and bred my passion for Western RPGs….

10) Splatterhouse

I feel like this is a game that a lot of people missed out on. Intense gore and THE best soundtrack to a game ever (including lamb of god). This is one of the best 3rd person action games i’ve ever played. What compares to pulling out a demon’s intestines out through it’s arse!

9) God of War 3

God of War® III Remastered_20150409234648

I was a bit late to the party for this series and this was my first kratos experience, but it made me go and play all of the other games (including the PSP remasters). If you haven’t played this game you truly need to. A perfect mix of violence and mythology, and you haven’t lived until you’ve smashed Hercule’s face in with his own gloves.

8) Bioshock

What a perfect tensely atmospheric sci fi game (how I describe it anyway). I thought this was going to be a standard fps and I was so pleasantly surprised. I had never played anything like this before this game and it made me addicted to the series.

7) Uncharted Trilogy

I’m cheating here but I cannot choose my favourite out of the 3. Tomb raider with added testosterone. Massive action set pieces, driven storylines and fantastically crafted characters, these are games that nobody can miss out on. I enjoyed the first one so much I completed it in one sitting (until 6 in the morning).

6) Batman: Arkham Asylum

In my opinion still one of the best Arkham games. Although it doesn’t have the vast exploration of the later games it had an intense narrative and made me feel, for the first time in a video game, that I was the batman!

5) GTA V

One of the only times I’ve queued up for a midnight release and boy was it worth it! There’s a reason this game has barely dropped in price. In my opinion the best sandbox game ever made, that’s all that needs to be said.

4) The Last of Us

Best zombie-esque storyline ever. A game that truly makes you invest in the characters and the crumbling world around them. Couple this with great survival mechanics this is a game you can’t put down.

3) Fallout 3

To this day this is still the only RPG I’ve platinumed and was my introduction to the fallout series. Bethesda kicking ass and taking names as always had built another hugely interesting world ripe for exploration, and dying. DAMN YOU DEATH CLAWS!!!

2) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

FUS-ROH-DAH. I genuinely told everyone i knew i was going to be busy for a month when this came out, and wasn’t lying. I couldn’t leave this hugely expansive world. There is so much to this game, a never ending amount of side quests and a fantastic levelling system make it one of my favourite games, and a game I CAN NOT wait to in VR. However as good as this was it never quite stood up to……

1) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

This was the first game I bought on the PS3 and it was never beat. I had never played such a large scale game before this, I know there were games like it before this but this was my first real experience of a large scale western RPG. What I loved is how the each area/city/village felt vastly different and it’s not a game i wanted to stop exploring.

It was the reason I upgraded my console at the time and it’s a choice I never regretted.