It’s difficult to break down this game and review it as i usually would as it’s basically just one giant mess I’m a complete newbie to the Touhou series so i had no idea what i was letting myself in for before starting up this game, this also meant i had no idea how to play the game.

Oddly, I started the game up to find there was no tutorial or practice, so I thought screw it, I’ll go straight into story mode. It wasn’t long until I realised this was the one of the worst games I’ve played on my PS4; I had no clue on how to play it and it has a completely nonsensical story. You play as an a little anime girl (Who kind of looks like a Japanese cabbage patch doll) and you’re put into a 1 v 1 ‘arena’ where you have to attack the other little Japanese girl with circle, square or triangle. You can attack with ranged or close up attacks which deal damage and defeat the enemy. You can also jump really high and kind of float (Not fly) and dash to avoid attacks. You can’t just mash one button as there’s a cooldown for each attack and some characters do slightly different attacks when the button is held down.This is the whole game, and my explanation makes it sound better than it is.
There’s also a special move but I don’t know how to do it, and there’s no way to find out. There is no lock on available so you can never keep track of the opponent, even though you can go around the whole stage kind of freely which makes the whole thing more frustrating as it doesn’t even work as an open stage beat em up. There are 6 game modes: story, arcade, score attack, VS com, VS human & VS online. I guess these are pretty self explanatory and the difference between these modes seems to be absolutely F**K ALL, even score attack is you in an arena firing your wand or whatever it is at the opponent. The only difference i saw was at the end of the extremely short story mode you fight a giant head that only takes ranged attacks. Every mode is crap because it’s all the same shit game play over and over.
You have no real way to control what you’re doing and can’t lock onto the other player, which makes it tough when it’s a free roam arena where you can kind of fly. It’s like a really shit Dragonball Z game. At one point I exited the short story mode (about half an hour) but didn’t realise i’d lose my progress so had to start again, so there doesn’t even seem to be basic ‘saves’ but i guess this is classed as an arcade beat em up so doesn’t have that facility. So you always need to do the ‘story’ in one sitting. The graphics are so bad for a PS4, the character models are last gen and the surroundings are the generation before. Nothing really looks that good and the animations from the attacks look equally as bad. It’s a lazy, awful travesty of a game that seems like it was put together in a week. The gameplay doesn’t work, the story is nonsense (Even by Japanese standards) and the graphics are piss poor. It’s easily the worst game I’ve played on the PS4. This is an extremely short review but there’s nothing else i can say about this game.
The only reason i’m not giving it a 1/10 is because it’s semi playable and i may go back and
try it one more. See my first half hour of gameplay here: