Super Hot VR is a must have game for any PSVR owner, it’s the most fun I’ve had using the move controllers. It uses a surprisingly simple yet unique concept and it’s currently on sale (Although I would have paid full price for it).

Basically….IT’S FUCKING AWESOME. Have you ever wanted to be Neo, who hasn’t, this is the closest i’ve ever felt to being ‘the one’ and although the matrix is never mentioned there are blatant similarities between the 2.


You’re put in a series of situations and it’s made pretty clear that you have to fight your way out by punching, stabbing, slicing and shooting, using your move controllers. The position changes after each ‘level’ is cleared and you’re then put in a new situation. Although it’s combat based it sometimes feels like more of a puzzle game, requiring the need to figure out who to take out first and who’s bullets to avoid.

Time only moves as quickly as you do, so when completely still everyone around you doesn’t move, when firing a bullet time moves quickly and every speed in between. You’ll often find you’ve fired a bullet which speeds up time too quickly resulting in you taking a bullet yourself. And it’s not all about bullets, you can also use any object around you (such as mugs, pool balls and bottles) to throw at the enemy, there are also bladed weapons which can even slice bullets in half if timed correctly. Additionally to shooting, blocking and slicing you can just use your fists to punch anyone who comes near, and you need to actually use your body to duck and avoid everything that comes at you. I truly can’t describe how satisfying firing a bullet into a polygon man’s head is whilst ducking another bullet and throwing a knife at someone else. The excitement is added to as you constantly throw away guns as they run out of ammo and grab dead enemy’s weapons in mid air. This game makes me feel like a ballerina of death.

Although the campaign isn’t very long (I finished it in 2 short sittings) the game really shines after completion of the main game where you unlock many, many more modes. For example headshot mode, where you need to complete the game again but enemies can only be killed by headshots (this mode actually blew my mind when i realised how accurate the aiming sights are on the virtual guns) and hardcore mode where guns only have 1 bullet and time moves a lot faster when bullets are fired. My favourite however is wave mode, 5 new locations are unlocked and you just have to survive, and this is what gives the game a massive replayability, to ‘complete’ this mode you need to achieve 70 or 80 kills and after many sweaty hours my BEST was 45, so i’ve got a long way to go to do all 5. And if you’re a trophy whore like me you’ll want to complete every mode to get the trophies.

As always with vr/PlayStation camera there were a few times where it didn’t quite work. Quite a often a gun will drop out of shot and the camera won’t allow for you to actually reach for it and sometimes I found my punches had no effect, but I was always keep in the back of mind that this is allowed and the fun I was having outweighed any issues.

It’s also worth mentioning the sound, or lack of. There’s no background music in the game but it is compatible with Spotify (which some vr games aren’t) so you can choose your own killing soundtrack. If you choose to play with no music the sounds of the gunshots are still satisfying.


The graphics are simple but effective. Enemies are red polygon shapes which shatter when fired at in an effective way, revealing yellow insides. The backgrounds are plain white and any weapons (including your hands) are black. These simplistic 1 tone colours actually really work for the game and make you feel as though someone has trapped you inside a video game. It would be interesting to see what the game would look like if skinned with ‘real people’ but I think it would take it away from the almost artistic feel that this game achieves by making it ultra violent.

Overall I think this is a must buy for any psvr owner and would be a fantastic game to showcase the fun you can have. It has a tonne of replayability and is the best combination of vr and move controllers I’ve experienced.

Despite a couple of glitches and the camera sometimes not facilitating all your movements this is a hugely enjoyable game with surprisingly accurate controls and unique game play. My only wish is that the main campaign was longer.