For Honor likes to keep the game feeling fresh by updating things from time to time. On August 2nd, Season VII: Storm and Fury, will be pushed out for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

This new season brings you a new ranking system, a new map and some major hero updates. Staring with the new ranking system, there are now new levels to reach, Master and Grandmaster (Get ready to sink all your free time to get to those ranks). Ubisoft has said that these new ranks are “reserved for the Fiercest warriors”. Along with the new ranks, there’s a new leaderboard system that allows you to monitor your progress through ranks. You will also now be able to join Ranked Duelmatches while not in a tournament, and tournaments will now be activated on rotation.

The Update also will bring “major gameplay updates” to The Warden and Valkyrie after listening to large amounts of feedback from players. The updates are designed to improve the Efficiency and Versatility of these heroes.

Finally, the new map. It’s called Secluded Kep. Imagine a castle outpost, with water on all sides, with all its majesty after being a personal escape for a devoutly religious Lord. You can play the new map in the game modes: Tribute, Skirmish, Elimination, Brawl and Duel.

If you’re on Xbox, you have a little bonus. For Honor will be included with the Games With Gold line up between August 16th until the 15th of September. You’ll be able to download and play for free then if you want to give the game a try!

Please remember that this season update is not the same as For Honors next expansion, Marching Fire, which is expected October 16th.