In a surprise revelation, a number of YouTubers and forum users have discovered and made public knowledge of a hidden debug menu in all versions of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II: Renegade and Jak 3, with some debug commands also found in Jak X – These commands work not only in the PS4 versions of the games, but also in the PSVita, PS3 and PS2 versions, as well, indicating that this ‘secret’ debug menu has been hidden for nearly 17 years now, when The Precursor Legacy first released.

As publicised on YouTuber LuminarLight’s channel, the debug mode provides a variety of error and status messages, including developer-only commands such as unlocking all Secrets, level select, free-fly mode, camera-only mode and providing the player a mass amount of collectibles – With the revelation of this debug menu, games like Jak 2: Renegade can now be beaten within a matter of seconds, and can award the Platinum trophy for the title within less than a minute – This new debug menu provides players with methods to now explore out-of-boundary areas of all three games to their heart’s content, and access features once locked behind cheat engines or secret unlockables.

If you wish to replicate the debug menu, or play around with it yourself, please refer to LuminarLight’s original video on the topic. Credit goes to LuminareLight, DonkeyPlanet, ImJustATester, Kuitar and xTVaser for this discovery.

To view the various updates related to this debug menu, please visit the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki.

Credit to LuminarLight for the above video

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