Earlier today, Blizzard released an short story set in the Overwatch universe, available freely on their site. In the story, Ana and Jack (Soldier: 76) reminisce about their past, and we learn two interesting facts: that Jack is canonically queer, and there’s a new Ana skin on the way.

The short story, titled Bastet (after the Egyptian goddess of the same name), focuses on the first meeting between Jack and Ana after they both supposedly died, as they both hunt down Gabriel Reyes – the former Overwatch-turned-Talon agent now known as Reaper. The two scout for a bit, before an incident forces them to retreat – and provides plenty of time to reflect on the past, and the people they have now become.

The story provides two interesting revelations – the first being that Jack previously had a boyfriend named Vincent, who drifted apart due to Jack’s constant service duty. This reveal that Jack is queer – an umbrella term that includes gay, bisexual, and pansexual people, all of which the hero could be specifically – makes him the second such character in the game, after lesbian hero, Tracer. The other interesting revelation is that we will likely be getting a new Ana skin soon, based off the short – the story ends with what is clearly a fully realised 3D model of Ana dressed like the goddess Bastet.

No news on when this outfit may be released at this time, however. The short itself may be read here.