With Conan Exiles soon releasing on PS4, and Mad Max having been one of the more recent PS+ titles to start what some are calling a new ‘golden age’ of PS+ titles, we’ve turned our focus to games based off of films! No matter how obscure, no matter how bad or good, we’ll always have a bit of a soft spot for those games that try to extend that cinema feeling…


Sometimes these games can be utter shit, sometimes they can be absolute gems; the games my mind are drawn to are the comic book based games, although they’ve recently stopped, there have been some absolute corkers. It goes without saying that one of my favourites is Spiderman 2, that game was so bloody amazing and almost created its own genre.

The other biggie is the Wolverine Origins game, this is one of the rare occasions where the game was far superior to the movie, well, the game was awesome and the film was shit. This is because the game followed the comics and actually allowed Wolverine to be a brutal killing machine, whereas the movie tore apart everything that was correct about Wolverines origin, and took away Deadpool’s mouth!

Also, pretty much every game based on the MCU movies (Back when Sega used to make them) were pretty wank. I personally enjoyed getting the platinum for Captain America and the Incredible Hulk game was fun in its own way.


For me, games based off of movies have always been a bit of a strange region – On the one hand I’ve nearly always been let down by movie property games, but on the other, they’ve always been a part of my childhood and offered some truly unique experiences – One of my favourites, however, has to be Monster’s Inc Scare Island – Growing up as a kid, having only my little PlayStation 1, I was fresh into platformers, and thankfully I had Scare Island there to help guide me along and prepare me for harder platformers (Such as Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank); I was infatuated with the film as a kid, so the game stuck a soft spot in my heart…

…Even if I won’t go back and replay it anymore; and not to mention, PS1 Sulley and Mike look… Well… They look rather terrifying compared to modern standards…

…Ironic, no?


I’ve played many games that were based on either a show or movie, mainly due to my young age at the time and my parents wanting to get me something they know I would like… And trust me the list was big from games like Ice Age 2 to even James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game, and one of my personal favourites Looney Tunes Back in Action (God I loved that game but never managed to get all the monkeys). Anyways, the game I want to talk about today is Mad Max; the game based on, well you guessed it, Mad Max – Well Mad Max: Fury Road. In my entire life I have never watched any Mad Max films up until Fury Road that is, and when I learnt there was a game based on Mad Max I was immediately hooked due to the fact that Mad Max Fury Road was an amazing film and gave me high hopes that this game might actually be really good – I mean you can’t really fuck up a car chasing simulator can you?

I picked up the PC version of Mad Max and was amazed by how good it looked on my then-somewhat dated machine, and just how it immersed you into the world of Mad Max; the wasteland was spot on and even the car models looked exactly like the ones from the movies, but what got me hyped were the sandstorms you would encounter – When it first happened I was quite literally blown away, it got my heart pumping and the additional elements of trying to hook onto boxes full of goodies and essential items that will come in handy, everything about this game made you feel like you were in this wasteland and that you were on your own (Bar Chumbucket).

I would happily play this game all over again if it weren’t for that ending… Jesus Christ that annoyed me but worry not I won’t spoil anything!