Kratos you fucking beautiful, sexy, hunk of a man. I’ve been absolutely bumming god of war this month, I just can’t put it down. I have had a few evening’s break to play Conan Exiles which is really fun in itself but doesn’t hold a candle to god of war in my eyes. This has to be one of my favourite games ever, especially on the ps4.

This weekend I started to take on the Valkyries and have only managed 2 so far. The combat, story, graphics and settings are just incredible. Most of the time I’m just panning the camera around in awe of the environment. Never have i said out loud so many times ‘that was fun’ or ‘my god this is a good game’. EVERYONE needs to play this.


An old favourite, this month. Student budgets don’t often stretch to new AAA games all that often, you see.

This month, I’ve been playing Fallout 4. Pitchforks down, lads.

Half the reason was that I wanted to talk about it in an Armchair Designer article- Games and identity, coming soon- because it’s a great example of a game with massive potential that falls flat because it’s elements don’t mix well.

But, also, It’s my ‘Happy place’ game. No, it’s not the best game ever made, but it’s the game that I can just sit back and relax in. The game I can sit down at and just play without thinking or caring. I know the whole game inside out thanks to 800+ hours of gameplay, and now it’s far less a game and more of a toybox for me to tinker with, adding and removing mods as I see fit.