Welcome to Respawning’s games club! If you are new here then let us explain it to you – It’s like a book club but as we all hate reading (And doing the same thing together) it’s about video games we have all be playing and instead of all playing the same game we all play different things… So not like a book club at all really.

So sit back and let us take you on the world’s shittest Christmas journey!


Okay so it’s no secret that I fucking love Christmas, every single year I wake my wife up to the sound of Cheesy Christmas hits as loud as possible (I suppose I wake the neighbors too) so this year I was itching for something Christmassy to play. Luckily for me Dead Rising 4 was finally released to the PS4 in all it’s Christmas slaughter glory and I have been loving it. Just mowing down endless hordes of undead elves has been a blast – Don’t believe me? Check out my review here!

Also, I have a tradition around this time to throw myself into a JRPG through the dark cold nights to hold my attention and this year I have been deeply invested in The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel 2, which is what I hoped Persona 5 would be this year. I truly believe that the first one of the Cold Steel series I played just last year has completely ruined the Persona series for me forever, whilst admittedly excellent games they just don’t hold a candle to the storytelling and world building of The Legend Of Heroes.


Alright so I don’t think I’ve ever played a Christmas themed game ever and I probably never will but here’s what I’m playing this holiday season.

I’m gonna actually beat Breath of the Wild since Mario Odyssey hooked me and eventually disappointed me with its mediocrity. I’m gonna try to pick up Enter the Gungeon for my Switch because I clearly need to waste more hours of my life into rogue-likes and a portable one at that. Besides that I’m looking forward to also visiting my cousins and playing some Mario Kart and SnipperClips with them as well as maybe some sick ass board games, I’ve had my eye on Secret Hitler for a while now. The holidays are all about getting together to play some co-op games or some nice ass party games and have a good time. Happy Holidays!



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One of the best things about Christmas for me is the tonne of free time I get to play games, it’s not something I always get with time off as usually i’ll be going away somewhere. I intend to make a massive dent on my massive backlog of unfinished games (Child of light, YS 8, Demon Gaze 2, South Park FBW, DOOM VFR, Bound, Mervils, SuperhotVR to name a few). I will 100% be sessioning shadow of war as this is easily something I can spend hours on at a time without getting game fatigue, and usually with a couple of beers late at night. There’s also Fifa which I really feel like I haven’t spent enough time on despite it being a great game, so I will at least finish journey mode and further my career on there. On top of all this I have just installed the Rec room which is a free, social, VR game that I actually really like (I spent 3 hours the other night just playing charades). Then there’s also Warframe which will be perfect as me and Luke will both be off at the same time and able to put some proper hours in.

Despite my massive backlog of games I am planning on buying Skyrim VR as well, this is something I HAVE to experience for myself being a huge elder scrolls fan, and I figure this is when I have the time to get balls deep into some virtual dragons!


So we’re at that time of year where we all get extra chances to get merry and spend time playing through our backlogs of games; let’s not forget, add some new games to the pile with the upcoming Steam Christmas sales.

With my Switch library ever growing, I have set myself the goal of actually completing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ve already managed to upgrade my a great deal of my equipment and have gone into full completionist mode. I am currently pushing through the beasts while besting as many Shrines as I can.

I’ve had my Switch and Zelda for a few months now, and this is the first time I’ve actually managed to get myself absorbed into the series again – so much excitement!

While all of my attention is still on the Nintendo Switch and it’s upcoming titles, I am forcing myself to stay away from the current release of Fallout 4 VR as I fear for my family, girlfriend and dog as I know that someone will get in my way while I’m trying to beat the ever living shit out of Raiders.